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Felicity Moira HARTZE

SEO Content Creator, Non-fiction E-books, PwPt Presentations
SEO Content Creator, Non-fiction E-books, PwPt Presentations
  • CAPE TOWN, South Africa
  • January 13, 2021

If you view my profile page, it is definitely not by accident. Your website and business are about to receive a fresh injection of new target clients. I deliver well-researched content containing keywords aligned with SLI (latent semantic indexing) strategy, which will cause your web pages to be among the first to come up in a search. It's that easy!

I have well-honed written and verbal communication skills that I apply to create content in different genres. I relish content that is fresh, unique, relevant, informative, and reader-friendly.

My training, years of experience in the Corporate and NGO sectors, and natural talent have given me insight into the challenges that can arise from poor internal and external communication. I believe in cutting-edge public relations and marketing strategies to set your business apart from the competition.

Towards the latter part of 2020, I have ghost-written my first 25-chapter e-book complete with APA-style citations, automated index, and free of grammar, spelling, and plagiarism issues.

About Me:

I am an avid reader and a life-long learner. I read my first 'Bambi' kiddies' book at age four and have never stopped reading since!

Some of my most relevant training courses include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Public Relations (- PRISA Accredited) –DAMELIN College
  • Creative and Constructive approaches to Conflict – accredited by the University of Cape Town (UCT)
  • Life Coaching Certificate –
  •  Academy of York
  • Advanced Leadership Diploma – Shaw Academy
  • English for Business (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • TEFL /TESOL (140-hr Online Course) ) – TEFLINK UK
  • MS Office (MS Word/MS Excel/ MS PowerPoint/ MS Outlook/ MS Publisher/Search Engines)
  • Human Anatomy (Musculoskeletal System) –Ed-Ex (University of Michigan-Med School Online)

My Skill sets include (but are not limited to):

Corporate Administration: Narrative Reports, PowerPoint Presentations, Excel Spreadsheets, high-level correspondence with the Master of the High Court, Trustees, and Funders, Proofreading and Editing, creating Newsletters, writing the Chairperson’s message for the Annual Report, etc.

Teaching Skills: English for Business in-class facilitation with 18-25-year old youth. I developed relevant course material applicable to their level of English as non-native English speakers. The course included modules such as time and conflict management, cultural diversity, and gender equity.

Tutoring: Developed a basic report-writing and Office Administration course for non-native English speakers.

Life/Career Coaching: Create professional, modern  Résumés, develop strength-based relevant career paths for clients, Coach clients to speak with confidence, interviewing skills, and speaking engagements on ‘Limiting beliefs.’

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Other Freelance Job Category
Personal Assistant / Virtual Assistant, Project Manager, Audio-Visual Content Creator
Writing Topic
Creative, Health & Wellbeing, Lifestyle, Marketing & Public Relations, personal, Technology, Politics & Current Affairs, Politics & Current Affairs, Other


Cert. in Life Coaching @ Academy of York
Dec 2020 — Jan 2021
I completed the Life Coaching qualification in one year. I scored 88% for the competency test, and 95% for two in-depth, comprehensive case studies consisting of 8 coaching sessions, full report, and feedback from candidates.
Adv. Diploma Leadership & Management @ Shaw Academy
Mar 2017 — Sep 2017
Webinar-based teaching and online tests after each module. I completed the basic diploma and advanced diploma courses, each having a limited-time final online exam. I obtained distinction passes in both courses.
TEFL/TESOL Certificate @ TEFLINK Teacher Training
Feb 2013 — Apr 2014
140 Hr Teaching English as a foreign language TEFL and Teaching English to speakers of other languages TESOL, contains 4 Cambridge University modules.
Creative and Constructive Approaches to Conflict @ U.C.T. Center for Conflict Resolution
Apr 2006 — Jun 2006
An 8-week facilitator module designed by the University of Cape Town Center for Conflict Resolution. This course was attended by community leaders such as school teachers and principals, health service professionals, NGO directors, etc.


Executive Assistant to CEO @ Chrysalis Academy for Youth Development
Sep 2004 — Jul 2019
All Administrative duties related to the CEO's Office. From creating quarterly and annual reports, high-level communication, PowerPoint presentations, emails, to training, coaching, and supervising Reception staff and coaching additional staff members upon written request.
Caretaker General Manager @ Sanikem C.C.
Jan 2002 — Dec 2004
A cleaning chemical company awarded a tender to provide 4 specific cleaning chemicals to the Western Cape Hospitals.

Sanikem was asked by the Dept. of Health to continue supplying products for a further 3 months after the tender period ended.

The company was deregistered once the final tax-clearance certificate was issued as the partners wanted to pursue more lucrative business interests.
Passport & Visa Enquiries and Public Affairs Assistant (respectively) @ British Consulate and British High Commission
Jan 1999 — Jul 2001
British Consulate: Telephonic support to British nationals and South Africans regarding passport and visa applications.

British High Commission: Afrikaans media translations, dissemination of information and related administration.

The High Commission moved to Pretoria, the capital province of South Africa.

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