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Don Hartig

Crypto, Forex, DeFi, Finance, Cybersecurity & General SEO Writer | Senior Content Manager
Crypto, Forex, DeFi, Finance, Cybersecurity & General SEO Writer | Senior Content Manager
  • Knysna, South Africa
  • January 19, 2024

Dear Recruiter,

I am a native English master content and copywriter, senior content manager, world-renowned linguist, SEO consultant and brand strategist.

Types of writing I specialise in:

  • articles (long-form)
  • copy (short-form)
  • blog posts
  • product comparisons
  • technical market analysis (Forex, crypto)
  • market news (Forex, crypto, stocks, indices, commodities)
  • SaaS, software & platform comparisons
  • listicles (e.g. "Top 10" type articles) with CTAs
  • social media copy (& and management)
  • email marketing copy (& graphical design)
  • press releases
  • newsletters
  • how-to guides
  • product & service launch announcements
  • CTA optimisation
  • Youtube video scripts
  • web copy (service descriptions, etc.)
  • Home pages
  • About Us pages
  • disclaimers
  • technical papers (whitepapers, instruction manuals)


Types of writing-related work I have done:

  • copy-editing
  • SEO content writing (highly-experienced)
  • brand strategy
  • social media marketing
  • marketing consultation
  • Senior Content Management (Bitget, Deaking, Singularity)
  • email marketing (newsletters and brand building)
  • brand writing (& brand strategy)
  • translation in 7 language pairs (Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Afrikaans INTO English, Chinese, French, German, Dutch, Japanese, Afrikaans) - currently ranked No. 3 in the world for Mandarin Chinese to English translation


Variants of English I am comfortable writing in:

  • UK
  • US
  • CAN
  • AUS
  • I can also write in "simple English" for content that is aimed at an international audience, but does not merit translation into multiple languages.


Industries & niches I specialize in:

  • crypto
  • DeFi
  • FinTech
  • trading (Forex, crypto, commodities, indices)
  • B2B (various industries)
  • investment
  • general finance
  • dentistry and medical (web copy, About Us pages, services offered)
  • legal copy (website home pages, services, etc.)
  • Web3 (gaming, etc.)
  • NFTs (detailed how-to guides, etc.)
  • cybersecurity
  • SaaS
  • banking
  • technology (computer hardware, web development)


Other industries and niches I have written extensively for:

  • gaming
  • software
  • web development (HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, educational, etc.)
  • computer hardware
  • home improvement and equipment (robotic lawn mowers, tools, etc.)
  • DIY
  • architecture
  • travel & tourism (I am also a certified tourist guide in South Africa)
  • automotive (emissions standards, sensors, etc. for clients such as Bosch)
  • machinery (user manuals, ToS, etc.)


I am comfortable writing in any style or tone, including:

  • formal
  • casual
  • humorous
  • technical
  • positive
  • cautionary
  • instructional (manuals, how-to guides, etc.)
  • educational (beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc.)
  • urgent

Having worked as a Senior Content Manager, Social Media Manager and Localisation Project Manager for more than 10 years, I am also willing to pro-actively suggest improvements to efficiency, etc.

I can guarantee 100% original articles, promotional copy and almost any other type of written content (including technical papers and whitepapers in certain industries). I am also willing to do unlimited revisions depending on the job in question.

I am a "Top-Rated" writer on Upwork, and you can find further information on my work history on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/donhartig

I am a fast learner, flexible and open to client workflows. I have also built more than 30 websites and am familiar with almost every SEO tool and plugin (WordPress,  Joomla, Drupal).

Samples of my writing work can be viewed here: www.donhartig.com/writing/writing.html.
For samples in specific industries not covered here, please feel free to contact me.

Here are just a FEW of the positions I have held over the past 5 years:

  • Senior Content Operations Manager & Chief Localisation Supervisor at Bitget (full-time)
  • Social Media Manager for Singularity (full-time)
  • Freelance Chinese to English Translator for BingX (contract-based)
  • (Long-form) SEO Content Writer and (short-form) social media copywriter for dozens of crypto, DeFi, Web3, TradFin & FinTech startups and companies around the world including XT, GSR, Coinformant, Blockchain Advocates (freelance & contract-based)


Looking forward to getting you to the TOP of your niche!



Don Hartig
Master Copywriter | Content Writer | Senior Marketing Manager | World-Renowned Linguist & Ranked Translator (7 languages)

Phone Number
Other Freelance Job Category
Project Manager, Website Developer, Social Media Specialist, Audio-Visual Content Creator, Digital Marketing Specialist
Writing Topic
Health and Wellbeing, Home, Marketing and Public Relations, Business and Finance, Technology, Travel, Politics and Current Affairs, Gaming, Politics and Current Affairs, Other


C# Programming @ Microsoft
Jul 2023 — Feb 2024

A comprehensive certification course covering C# programming.

Linguistics @ DSP
Jan 2003 — Jan 2007

Linguistics and Court Interpretation Diploma


Senior Content Operations Manager @ Bitget
Jun 2022 — Oct 2023

• Restructuring the existing Content Ops team, re-assigning new jobs to existing team members (wherever possible)

• Teaching all team members how to write various types of content (technical analysis, financial news, promotional updates)

• Proofreading, editing and approving up to 40 articles per day

• Designing > presenting > building > training > implementing > maintaining the content writing workflow (assigning article topics, checking for accuracy, editing, approving) for various departments

• Hosting daily and weekly meetings with my own team and the directors

• Creating recruitment forms for various positions in Google Workspace

• Assessing, interviewing and hiring supervisors and team members based on job requirements for positions we needed to fill

• Troubleshooting and assisting with translation between IT department and non-Chinese-speaking team members (when encountering server connectivity issues, etc.)

• Assessing performance KPIs for all team members working under me

I also pro-actively took the initiative to:

• Update VP on problems (wastage, conflicts of interest, etc.) and suggested solutions and optimisation strategies

• Write weekly reports in Chinese for the director in charge of Marketing (on my own initiative)

• Introduced strategic partnerships with celebrity advertising agencies such as NEON (which I had previously worked with closely as their original web designers)

Social Media Manager, Copywriter and Chinese to English Translator @ Singularity (Web3 Play-to-Earn Gaming)
Mar 2020 — Jan 2021

As the Social Media Manager, Copywriter & Chinese to English Translator at Singularity, I was responsible for the following:

• Writing English copy, updates and announcements for the Singularity Twitter and Discord channels

• Localising (translating) all Chinese copy into English and ensuring that it appeals to the target demographics and cultures it was aimed at (western markets)

• I eventually became the PR and international face of the startup and was responsible for reaching out to other gaming platforms and negotiating cooperation and listings

As the Co-Founder, Blockchain Architect & Engineer, CMO @ Deaking - Silubium (丝路币)
Oct 2017 — Dec 2018

As the Co-Founder, Blockchain Architect & Engineer, CMO at Deaking - Silubium (丝路币) in China, my responsibilities were:

• Designing the features and rule set for the *SILUBIUM ("丝路币") blockchain system

• Engineering and managing the 2 Silubium development teams that: > optimised the Silubium source code, > developed the Silubium crypto wallet, > developed the the public ledger ("Silkchain").

• Headed the international marketing campaign as CMO for the entire Silubium ICO until the token (Silubium coin) went live • Delivered keynote speeches on all ICO funding events in China (in Chinese)

• Participated in design and phrasing of Chinese ICO marketing campaign event banners and advertising material for international visitors Provided impact-focused video content for the ICO campaign for both the Chinese as well as the international market

Master Copywriter | Localisation Expert @ Don Hartig Copywriting and Localisation
Mar 2008 — Current

I have been working as a copywriter, content writer and localization expert (native English, UK and US) in 7 languages for 13 years and can write for practically any niche or industry.

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