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Belinda Kendi

A Talented Content Marketer
A Talented Content Marketer
  • Telecommute, New York
  • May 30, 2022

A Talented Content Marketer

Ready to engage your customers and rock the search engine with online copy?

Then you need a copywriter and content marketer who knows their stuff.

Someone who can:

  • Convince your audience about your authority.
  • Produce relatable and valuable content that woos them into subscribing.
  • Write actionable content that persuades them into buying from you.

That’s exactly what I’m here for

I provide web content that increases your online authority, converts web visitors into newsletter subscribers, and generates revenue for your business.

My job is to take the load off you and find the right words to grow your business. How do I do that? By providing highly engaging web copy.

Why waste time writing online marketing content you are not even sure will be up to the task? You could instead hire a writer who knows how to write copy that persuades your target audience, ranks well in search engine results, and generates revenue through increased conversions.

Just imagine the time you’ll be saving to handle the business side of your business. Not to mention the headaches!

Sounds great?

But are you wondering why me?

Allow me to tell you.
5 Reasons Why I’m the Right Copywriter for your Business.

I put myself in your reader’s shoes.

Writing engaging content involves so much more than focusing on the features of a product or service. Content has to be relevant to your target audience for it to persuade them to do a specific action.

It has to answer questions such as:

  • “What is in it for me?”
  • “Why should I care?”
  • “So what?”

With this information, I can create a message that resonates with the reader and translates features into benefits.

 I go the extra mile to capture my client’s voice

I don’t shoot in the dark. I take the time to understand my client’s business. This is through quick questionnaires designed to bring out your brand’s tone and personality. This allows the personality of your brand to reflect in the content provided.

More than a writer An Enthusiastic Partner

As an online business owner myself, I know that great content alone won’t make your business flourish. After all, your business needs to make money and so does your content marketing efforts.

That’s why I can help you audit your content and come up with a strategy that connects the dots to increase conversions and generate revenue for your business.

I look out for my client

I believe in providing quality content but also in building a long-term relationship with my clients from the start. Sure you are paying me for my writing, but that doesn’t mean I won’t speak up if I believe a content strategy is not in the best interests of your business.

I’ll speak up and offer a better alternative if I have one.

I write with intention

Passion drives results. Writing is my passion, which means, I’m a breeze to work with. It also means that I’m result-oriented. I know how to craft my writing so that it ranks well on Google. I can also tailor my words to generate talk on social media.

While I’m a versatile writer who’s able to research and write on a wide range of topics, I’m happiest when producing online copy for E-commerce and Digital Marketing.

My Client Say It Best

"Belinda was one of our colleagues who provided professional and on-time services regarding writing content as well as SEO services. I highly recommend her and will like to contact her again when the time is needed."

Thank you so much for your services, Belinda! You were great and we will keep in touch for sure! 

Andrei Bratu
Founder of Dog Food Camp

"Belinda is a fantastic writer who is passionate about her craft of copywriting and helping others.  She writes engaging words that help our readers out with her knowledge & expertise.  She is definitely a team player and we consider her a partner in our mission to help our clients with their content marketing needs."

Jeremy https://evergreengrowthmarketing.com/

My Life Outside of Writing

I am a 25-year old millennial mom of an adorable toddler son living in one of the most beautiful countries in Africa-Kenya. So, when I’m not crafting compelling copy for clients, you can find me chasing after him around the house.

In case you’re wondering, I studied Psychology and Political Science in college.

I am an avid reader, home decor, and movie enthusiast. I’m also a lover of people, I enjoy spending time with family, friends, and discovering new cultures.

Some Fun Facts About me

My favorite shows: Game of Thrones, Godfather, Shawshank Redemption, Homeland, and Marvel Movies.

My favorite authors:

Sidney Sheldon, Chimamanda Adichie, John Grisham, Danielle Steel, Paulo Coelho, and Lois Frankel.

Now it’s your turn

Want to work together and take your content marketing to another level?
If you have a writing project why don’t we start a conversation? Visit www.belindakendi.com or email me; [email protected]

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Other Freelance Job Category
Digital Marketing Specialist
Writing Topic
Marketing and Public Relations, Business and Finance, Technology


Psychology @ University of Nairobi
Jun 2020 — Jul 2020

Studied psychology and human behavior.


Copywriter @ Dog Food Camp
Jan 2022 — Current

Write actionable dog food-related articles.

: Best dog food by breeds
https://dogfoodcamp.com/food/health-issues/yeast-infections/:Best dog food for health issues
https://dogfoodcamp.com/food/brands/purina-pro-plan/: Best dog food by brands
Dog nutrition tips:https://dogfoodcamp.com/do-dogs-get-tired-of-barking/:Dog behavior tips

Copywriter @ Rocket Pilots
Sep 2019 — Current

Write SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Facebook Advertising, and Retargeting content.

Copywriter @ Income Store
Aug 2018 — Dec 2019

Write engaging amazon product reviews, How-to posts, Best of articles, and product comparison articles.

Copywriter @ E-commerce Platform
Nov 2017 — Current

Write engaging e-commerce SaaS and product reviews articles.

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