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New Candidate Dashboard for Job Seekers

To help you manage your job seeking on the ProBlogger Job Board and to highlight your professional talents, we've added a whole new Candidate Dashboard which looks like this:

You can see that your Candidate Dashboard puts some really neat functionality at your fingertips:

My Resume

Create your own private profile on the ProBlogger Job Board, so you can send employers a link to “My Resume” so they can view your CV online. You can include your skills, experience, type of jobs you want, writing topics and links to your portfolio.

My Applications

Keep track of all the applications you’ve sent via the ProBlogger Job Board in one place. Refer back to view the saved ad and what you wrote. Very handy if you want to copy a paragraph or two from past applications

My Bookmarks

Now you can bookmark jobs to save to your list for easy reference. Search and bookmark jobs that you want to come back to and apply for.

My Alerts

Manage your emailed job alerts to be notified daily or weekly whenever new jobs come up based on keywords, job type, location… You can have as many alerts as you want, if you’d like to track several keywords. You'll be in control to edit your alert parameters or delete them as you wish.

Free Registration

The best part is your very own job seeker account with Candidate Dashboard and all the management tools above is absolutely FREE. All you need to do is register.

Premium Candidate Membership

Once you've registered as a Candidate, not only will you have the free Candidate Dashboard, you'll also have the option to take out Premium Candidate Membership which advertises you to Employers on the ProBlogger Job Board. 

Our Premium Candidate List is promoted to our 7,000+ Registered Employers to search, view your resume and contact you for jobs.

Just like you search the Job Board for jobs, employers are looking for Candidates. Our Premium Candidates are put in front of Employers looking to hire.

Some Employers go straight to the Premium Candidate List to hire, rather than advertising a job, side-stepping the need to field and filter many unqualified applications.

From as little as $3.75 USD/per month (Annual Subscription) or $5 USD/month for a 90-day subscription, you can start attracting Employers and get the inside running on being recruited.

ProBloggers Ultimate Guide to Freelance Writing

This new ebook is your guide to the world of freelance writing – covering getting started, finding jobs, deciding how much to charge, producing your posts, tracking your income, and more.

Written by ProBlogger's writing expert, Ali Luke, who herself is a veteran of 11 years freelance blogging. Ali takes you step by step through everything you need to know about how to get paid to blog:

  • The two crucial things you need in place before you start looking for paid work – and the three things you don’t need to worry about
  • A simple system you can use to figure out what you can write about – even if you’re not an expert in any one thing
  • How to use all the features of the ProBlogger job boards – including the new resume functionality
  • What you should avoid when taking on blogging gigs – be careful of these red flags
  • How to write great posts that your client will love – from researching to formatting
  • How much to charge for your posts – and how to make sure you get paid
  • What to do if something goes wrong – the final chapter of the book takes a look at ten problems you might run into as a paid blogger

Once you’ve read ProBlogger's Ultimate Guide to Freelance Writing, you’ll know everything you need in order to become a paid blogger. 

Premium Candidate Membership + Freelance Writing eBook Packages

To make it easier for you to get up and running on the Job Board quicker and start getting freelance gigs we've packaged the new Freelance Writing ebook and Premium Candidate Membership on the Job Board in two convenient and great value offers:

1.  Premium Candidate Annual Package

  • Purchase Annual Premium Candidate Membership 
  • Only pay the price of 9 months membership and get 3 months FREE
  • PLUS get a FREE BONUS copy of The Ultimate Guide to Freelance Writing
  • Total package value = $89 USD
  • Yours for only $45 USD

2. Freelance Writing eBook Package

  • Purchase ProBlogger's Ultimate Guide to Freelance Writing
  • PLUS get a FREE 3-month trial of ProBlogger's Premium Candidate Membership
  • Total package value = $44 USD
  • Yours for only $29 USD