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TakeOutdoors Published: June 3, 2020
United States
Work can be done remotely
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How's it going?

I own a small camping blog and my mission is to provide accurate and well-researched information with a focus on sustainability to enhance people's camping experience.

I'm looking for a freelance writer who camps every now and then. To help other campers out there, I will need you to compile camping related information and knowledge into entertaining and digestible articles.

So here's what I'm looking for:

  • You should have been writing this topic professionally for at least 3 years and have the capacity to write at least an article per month
  • You need to be a US Native Speaker (It's important so that you can communicate better with my readers)
  • You like to write in a conversational style (with a little bit of humour) where you aim to engage the readers
  • You have a journalist mindset. Anything you write should have references or have experienced personally.

And here are the plus points I'll be looking out for:

  • You passively seek out experts' opinions and include them in the article. We want people to know that we know our thing, if not, we get expert advice to back up our claims.
  • You have published on big outdoor sites such as REI Co-op Journal, ReserveAmerica, OutsideOnline, Backpacker, KOA, etc. You know which sites I'm talking about ;)
  • You are happy to share any camping app ideas that help fellow campers out there. (I build apps and who knows maybe we might build one app that goes viral!)

Your job scope will be:

  • To do research (No #fakenews please :D). Provide references and of course including your own personal experience.
  • Mainly writing articles for my camping blog. (To make your life easier, I'll provide the topics and outlines. Happy to receive any suggestions though!)
  • Occasionally helping out with other website content. By linking relevant words to other pages on the website. Or by editing other articles if you think there is room for improvement.

Not to waste your time applying for this job, I'm looking for people who are comfortable with the rate of $0.05/word.

You may be asking, what's in it for me? Well, these are things I can provide:

  • A friendly client, me :D
  • Flexible deadlines, I don't want to put too much pressure on you but let's be reasonable not to spend too much time on one article.
  • Constructive feedback
  • Better rates and more work frequency if the site grows.
  • More things to show on your portfolio. I'll name you as the author of the article. You deserve it.

Does this sound interesting to you? If it does, please share with me the following items for me to consider your application.

  • Your CV, blog, portfolio
  • Links to any published articles or any other similar content
  • Your weekly availability
  • (Optional but a big plus) Proof of your camping enthusiasm, share a photo of yourself camping. You can put this in Google Drive and share a link.
  • Add this in your application: “I enjoyed reading your job description and I want to try it out. You will regret not hiring me!”
  • Answer a simple question. What's a bumper dumper?

So what are you waiting for? Let's go!

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