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Young Adult Fiction Ghost Writer Required for Adventure Fantasy Novel

Medi8 Fiction Published: November 18, 2022
Work can be done remotely
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Who is the client behind this ad:

I'm inexperienced independent young adult writer looking for help from an experience writer in this genre.

I have previously used a ghost writer from problogger and got this novel going for about 6 to 7 chapters in (Act 1 is complete but not perfect) but the writer I used bailed on me due to personal reasons etc etc and couldn't complete the project.

My agenda for this novel:

Complete this pet project novel I have. i.e. Start Act 2 and look at wrapping up Act 3 and finishing the novel.

Act 1 took the 1st writer 12 months and it was because the writer was busy plus covid got in the way etc etc

I'm hoping Act 2 and Act 3 can be completed in 6 months or even sooner.

Premise of this YA Fantasy novel:

  • Male Modern day teen who is still in high school and is half jap/australian caucasian born.
  • Setting is in Australia/Sydney
  • His parents own a Buddhist meditation centre and Father (Jap) and Mother (Aussie) are not just normal Buddhist practitioners  - they are re-incarnations of high spiritual monks in many past lives
  • Male teen protagonist obviously endowed with power gifts he is unknown of - is rebellious & unaware of his powers nor his heritage as his parents kept it away from him
  • Male protagonist kind of follows a Harry Pottery Philosopher stone story arc where due to an event form the other side (spiritual world) sees his current world in ACT 1 turn up side down
  • To be honest, the story beat is very similar to Harry Potter but I am not running exact parallel story beats to JK Rowling and vary it a bit to make it unique. Plus, it's filled with Buddhist/tantric elements. However, overall story arc, male protagonist will discover powers and meet friends in a spiritual magic school in Act 2 and develop his true powers where in Act 3 - he uses it to defeat the nemesis

What I need:

  • Someone that will see the project from start to finish and don't bail on me with an excuse that they changed genre's etc etc
  • Someone that doesn't have too many projects on hand where they will be too busy to work on my project and thus dragging out the whole project's completion timeline
  • Has written in the YA genre before and most preferably ghost written for others and completed the novel
  • Thoroughly understand the story beats of the popular YA novels out there, Harry potter, Twilight, Avatar/Last Airbender series etc and knows how to craft an epic story beat that doesn't bore
  • Preferably some exposure to Buddhism, eastern & asian stories/fables and Chinese culture (but not a must)
  • Be able to have a flexible re-write clause in our NDA contract as you know your first draft after my review may need some tinkering and shifting to a different direction

My requirements:

  • Indie writers only and not agencies
  • Must have experience in writing YA and must be able to show plenty of examples to feel your style
  • You will be picking up from the previous writer's writing style (which I'm very fond of) and need to adapt to that writing style - however, I am happy for you to completely change it warrant if your writing style/flow is far superior
  • Prefer Native speaker of English or your first language is English but I'm open minded but please no random bloggers/SEO writers etc etc (I have reviewed over hundreds of applications in my first ghost writing ad and can tell 100% you're an amateur)
  • Would prefer and not always required, but a weekly or fortnightly catch up to where you're at over Zoom so I can get a feel of where you are
  • Last but not least obviously, NDA to be signed and all rights to myself


  • My last budget was $10k and already 1/3 has been eaten up.
  • I'm still on a tight budget but can negotiate on price if you're good but please justify it.
  • It will be per chapter basis and $/per word with 1-2 chances of re-write after I've reviewed it and paid upon final word count on that chapter
  • I expect the whole entire project to be cleaned up again after the three acts are done. I.e. pickup grammar/spelling, restructure story beats and fill in extra segments (again, can compensate if the additional words are excess but I do expect as part of your role) as you may be flying through the chapters to get a feel and then come back to really dig into it

When would I like to start:

  • ASAP but happy for XMAS break to be taken


  • Happy to give you ACT 1 to go through to get a feel and pay you for your time to go through it
  • For those who apply, please submit your work and offer and I can also send you a chapter as a sample
  • I can give you all source materials
  • Can jump on Zoom call to go through story over view and direction or to fill in anything you don't understand

How to apply:

  • Please email me at [email protected] - John
    I won't read generic CVs. So write a cover letter. It shows you're keen.
  • If you apply and not successful, I will advise you asap to not waste your time









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