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writing articles for baby products reviews

babycro Published: November 25, 2018
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The article is about "Best Formula for Breastfed Babies"

*Most important Notes: DO NOT REHASH the products information from their official site or Amazon. This will trigger the amazon associate audit. This is big issues.

Bellow is the general requirements for my project, the detail requirement is in the last, please read careful before biding my project. this is very important.

General Requirements:

1. Able to research all useful information about the products you reviewed, if you happen to have some experiences of this products, that's good.

2. Writing the article based on the user stand, give users useful tips and reasons why they should buy these products, not hard selling or use salesy words to make push.

3. Good writing skills, better learned the STW course, know how to write a attractive articles.

4. Use short and easy understand words to express your idea, every paragraph should not be more than 3 lines.

5. Can't accept any word spelling and grammar mistake.


Detail requirements is here:

Best X For Y Template

Please read this content brief until the end, every detail is important and we will be checking against this brief when approving or refusing the content.



Word Count: 2000 - 2500 words


Description of the post: The goal of this post is to help consumers pick the best product for their need. We need to first define the need and things to look for in the value section then look deep into each product and explain how they differentiate from the rest so the readers pick the best ones or his/her personal needs.


Examples of articles similar to the final article we want:


Site info

  • Market: [Parenting]
  • Philosophy: [My whole site is about best baby products reviews, aim to help Moms to buy right products for their babies.]


General Editorial Rules


  • Only review/recommend products with 4.5 stars or better on Amazon (only if you use amazon)
  • Try to review products with lots of reviews
  • Try not to review/recommend the same product twice
  • NEVER mention other reviewers.
    • Try to link product features with benefits using a lot of sentences like
      • "This product has [feature], which is great because..."
      • "Another good feature is [feature], which can help you with..."
    • Try to mention personal stories when linking features and benefits like
      • That would have been really useful when <insert story>.
      • I really appreciate that feature considering <some personal issue or story>
    • Do NOT make definitive value judgement (e.g. "This is the best leash") but you can express personal preference (“this is my favorite leash because…”)
    • please backup ALL your facts with links to evidence preferably from a site with some kind of authority in the market
    • Please include all reference links in content in parentheses and pointing to the exact deep page containing the information not the top level domain so we can easily refer to them in the final publication


  • No salesy language.
    • Wrong:“You’ll find peace of mind when your dog finally stops barking!”
    • Wrong:“You can rest easy knowing your dog behavior troubles are finally over.”
    • Wrong:Anything else that sounds like it could be in an infomercial
  • Instead, use conditional language (“If,” “might,” “could,” etc.) if you make recommendations:
    • Correct:“This might be a good choice for those who want an in-home training option.”
    • Correct:If it’s important to you to find a positive dog trainer, this might be a good place to start.”
  • No filler language.
    • Every sentence should add information.
    • No BS’ing
      • Wrong:“If your dog is acting up, you might need a dog trainer” (…duh).
      • Wrong:“This company teaches your dog to walk politely. They also offer leash training.” (…says the same thing twice)
      • Wrong:Anything else that doesn’t add information to the article.

>> Article Template To Follow (Important)<<

Please use the following template for all articles. Each section should have its own heading.

Section 1: Introduction

  • 50 words (please include the exact keyword somewhere in here as naturally as possible)


  • 1000 words (break this up into several sections with a sub title each)
  • Add some great, value-driven information about this product or the context in which the user intends to use it
  • Answers some question the reader would be looking for before buying this kind of product
  • Consider linking out to valuable informational content on the internet that’d help the reader.
  • Try to find a valuable informational Youtube video about the topic. Make sure the video is not branded and does not ask people to go to a specific url at the end.
  • Here are some ideas:
    • How to choose [this type of product]
    • What are the advantages/Benefits of this type of product?
    • Things to look for / Attributes that differentiate these products
    • What's the best way to use this product?
    • Address the controversy
    • Prerequisites to using the product
  • This section by far the most important. Please take extra care when writing this section. 

Sections 3-8: Review 5 Products

  • 300-400words each
  • Choose 5 products on Amazon with a rating of 4.5 or better
  • Write 200-300 words about the pros and cons in bullet points. Keep it clear and to the point.
  • make sure the pros & cons of each product are specific to the product, not relevant for the entire product category (use reviews to find them out).
  • Please remember not to mention other reviewers or 

As always, just shoot me an email with any questions or hiccups. Happy to help move things along.


Section 9 : Conclusion

  • 200-300 words
  • In this section announce the clear winner of the roundup
  • explain why by comparing it to the other products and explaining why it’s better for that specific case.
  • Tie it back to the information you delivered in section 2 and show how the product fulfils all the needs of the product category
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