Writers, Proofreaders, Project Manager Assistants

Published: July 16, 2011
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We are seeking writers/bloggers that can provide regular content on various subjects; work is consistent. Rates will vary depending on the quality of your writing.
· Knowledge of key words, tags
· Proper use of grammar
· Ability to meet deadlines
· Knowledge and ability to write SEO-rich content
· Comfortable with social media
· Reliable


We are seeking proofreaders who have a keen eye for errors and are comfortable working through a high volume of text on aggressive deadlines. Rate is based on number of words per article.
· Excellent proofreading skills
· Incredible attention to detail
· Ability to use standard proofreader marks
· Excellent knowledge of grammar and style
· Ability to meet deadlines

Project Manager Assistants:

We are looking for a project management assistants to help us with organizing and compiling documents for various article writing projects. Check all incoming documents in a batch of articles so the articles all look the same with regard to formatting.
· Familiarity with the style of writing for article marketing (EzineArticles), web content, creative writing
· Experience with web based project management software
· Ability to handle multiple projects at once
· Available 6-7 days per week via chat/email
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