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Writers needed for small business, internet privacy, cordcutting, and background check websites

Wired Rhino, Inc. Published: August 12, 2020
Work can be done remotely
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We're looking for writers for a few of our sites: a small business resource site, a site about internet privacy and VPNs, one about cordcutting, and another about background checks and the like.

The ideal candidate will have a passion and background in those topics (or the ability to research and learn on the fly), understand on-site SEO, be able to problem-solve and work independently, write compelling content, and meet deadlines.

About us:

We aim to provide the most accurate software, product, and service reviews along with thorough resource guides. We’re not looking for boilerplate content -- we’re looking for unique, friendly, professional, and accessible writing on topics like:

  • “small business guide to email marketing”
  • "best streaming services of 2020"
  • "best vpns for gamers"
  • "how to look up arrest records in Delaware"


Skilled writers who are:

  • able to explain technical concepts to a general audience
  • able to provide a unique take on the “same old” topics
  • familiar with the basics of SEO
  • committed (nay, obsessive) about quality, accuracy, and attention to detail in their work
  • curious - there will be research and it's better for everyone if you're a fan of learning
  • deadline-driven - we're a business, you're not writing the Great American Novel
  • willing to work how we ask - we're pretty laid back, but we have a system that works for us and we expect you to follow it

Sidebar: Deadlines are really important to us. The number of freelancers who seem to have heart attacks and tragic car accidents the night before a deadline is something of a medical anomaly. If you can't make deadlines, or you're a chronic procrastinator, DON'T APPLY, please.

Who we're looking for:

  • Native English speakers.
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Strong research skills
  • Basic technical skills
  • Ability to work independently

Working conditions:

We're a fully remote team, from the islands of East Asia to the mountains of South America, to the windswept plains of Middle America.

We use Asana, Google Docs, and Slack to keep our team in touch.

We don't care when or where you work (as long as you meet deadlines, obviously).

We have a strong preference for writers who can deliver high quality and quantity of work. Some of our writers do 20k words a week. Pay is .08 a word.

Tips for applying online safely

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