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Waremakers Published: November 14, 2016
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Write about something interesting! 


Who are you?

We are looking to build long-lasting work relationships with 2-3 talented freelancer writers who can write copy that is as stimulating to the reader as it is syntactically flawless.

You know:

  • How to construct a compelling narrative
  • How to find a good angle to a story before you write it
  • How to make a "hook"
  • That you should "show, not tell"
  • That facts always need to be double checked


What we need you for

Waremakers is all about 'quality' in its many forms.

We write:

  • Stories of people who aim for perfection in their craft
  • Articles about the history of the things we all use every day
  • Informed pieces about why objects are made the way they are
  • Articles about how the brain works and can be affected by everything around it
  • Features about global consumption habits ― and how the world could be a better place
  • Lighter pieces about how changing habits can change you

... and much more. Here are a few examples of what we do:

Leather tanning - Chrome or vegetable
7 reasons why notebooks improve creative thought
A guide to 'razors'
The others are just caps


The practicalities

  • We are a Danish / British / Spanish operation, but you can be anywhere in the world you like.
  • You will have a single point of reference at Waremakers' office and will be working with us primarily via email.
  • Our standard rate is €0.10 per word, but rates are negotiable for work that involves extra research.

To be considered, please send us 3 links to copy that demonstrate what you can do ― preferably to long-copy.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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