Writers for Web Design / Development Hacks Blog, $3 – $25 per post

Form and Functionality Published: February 4, 2014
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If you love creating great themes or plugins for your favorite CMS, get paid to write about it! FormAndFunctionality.com is hiring writers to blog about their everyday working habits and the ways they save time and money getting the job done. You will NOT be ghost-blogging; You will have a profile created on our website, and we're creating a thriving community that professional designers and developers will see as a great place to stop by at the beginning of the day. (Or all day long!)
Format of articles will be anything from a quick blurb about an article you found interesting or a GitHub repo you just discovered, to a tutorial style article complete with pictures and video! Anything along the lines of Web Design, Development, Automation, Developer Operations, Design Automation, bring it!

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