Writers for Biotech, Fintech, Electrical Manufacturing ($250-$400 per blog)

nDash.co Published: April 23, 2018
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nDash.co -- a leading provider of content creation software & services -- is actively looking for freelance writers with experience in biotech, fintech, electronics manufacturing and other areas.

The estimated rates will be between $250-$400 per blog post, with up to 6-8 posts per month. If you are an experienced freelance writer who's looking for high-end clients, this could be a great opportunity.

If interested, please sign up as a writer on our platform (https://go.ndash.co/signup/writer) and verify your profile. From there, a member of our community team will be in touch.

About nDash

nDash helps freelance writers secure high-paying gigs with some of the world's leading brands. We're NOT a content mill, as the average price per assignment is $185 USD. Here are a few other important details if you are considering joining our community:

  • Set Your Own Rates: There’s nothing worse than being asked to write articles for $5 until you’ve “proven yourself.” We want you to get your market rates from Day 1.
  • No Anonymity: In our platform, you’ll know exactly which brands you’re working with (and they’ll know you) thanks to fully transparent profiles.
  • Proactive Pitching: The best way to get new clients isn’t sending a resume and cover letter. It’s by sending prospects unique content ideas. We built an entire agency using this method and we want freelancers to leverage it for their own gain.
  • No Unfair/Arbitrary Rating Systems: Forget about starting as a 2-star writer. You’ll be judged on the quality of your writing, background and ideas.
  • Faster Payments: Once an assignment has been approved, payments will show up in less than 3 business days. No more chasing clients down for money.

Thanks for your interest!

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