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PopSurvey Published: January 8, 2013
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PopSurvey is changing how companies get customer feedback by doing one thing: not sucking.
Seems like a really basic, no-brainer thing, right? But just check out the hundreds of online survey companies out there and you'll see that they all suck at not sucking.

Thankfully, a lot of great companies have realized this too and are using PopSurvey. Companies like: Foursqure, FedEx, Whole Foods, Intuit and thousands more!

What we're looking for...

We're in need of someone to produce great content for us. We'll publish your work on our site as well as on partner sites and all sorts of places all around the Internets!

You need to be able to write about all sorts of stuff related to surveys, customer service, customer satisfaction, customer feedback, small business and entreprenuerialismship (new word). Stuff that people would find helpful for running their business and interacting with their customers.

And you shouldn't take yourself too seriously. In fact, being witty will earn you at least 19 brownie points. The survey industry can make you want to gouge your eyes out with boredom, and we'd like to change that. And one way to change that is through the content we produce on our site.

Your skills...

Ability to tap the keys with the letters on them.

Applying for the job...

For the love, do not send a resumé. Our heads will explode. Seriously. Send a resumé and I'm afraid you won't get the job. Guaranteed.

We want to see your work. That's it. Send us amazing content you've written. We'll pick the most amazingest.
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