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Kloutfire Published: March 11, 2014
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We are looking for an exceptional ghostwriter to create content for a very specialized, high traffic blog in the online sales, marketing niche.
We will offer very competitive compensation and we are looking for someone who can offer expert insights while learning and developing the company’s voice.

If this sounds like you, continue reading.

In order to submit:

You must write “chicken fingers” in your response to be considered for this job.

You must submit a sample with the below requirements.

Our Process:

• We will assign topics with headlines and a short description of the direction we want to take with the article.
• You** will first outline how the article will be written with intro, subheadings, and examples and data.
• Once this is approved, you** will draft an article and upload it to the client’s WordPress as a draft.
• We will review the draft and may request a revision from you**. If no revisions are required, we will schedule the article to be published.

Content Requirements:

This article example contains all of the requirements we are looking for: http://blog.kissmetrics.com/floundering-blog-now-what/

Please submit one sample demonstrating the below requirements. If your sample does not already include some of these requirements, please make the appropriate edits to the article. The sample will be the primary piece of our selection process. If more than one is submitted, we will read only the first.

• Over 1k words - Include a sample over 1,000 words
• Conversational style - You must address the reader as “you”. You must address yourself as “I”. It should sound like you are having a conversation with the audience.
• Specific Knowledge - You must demonstrate specialized knowledge in the subject area through your samples.
• Data driven - Points should be made using logic or persuasion, then backed up by examples and/or data (always provide data if available). See example article for data. Examples or data should not be the only information that establishes a point.
• Logical Organization – You must plan out a logical flow by using clearly organized subsections.
• Digestible – You must use short paragraphs and short sentences. Longer articles should be broken up by pictures, screenshots, or graphs.

Situational Requirements:

• Instructional articles must include actionable tips - The advice you give must allow the reader to do something in their lives just from the information in your article.
• If the headline is addressed to a specific demographic, you must target to specific audience - The sample must NOT mix the people you are addressing. Example: it cannot speak to pregnant mothers and men over 40 in the same article.

Turnaround times we expect:

• 24 hours for an outline
• 48 hours for a draft
• 24 - 48 hours for revisions depending on extent


• Experience with internal linking
• Experience with WordPress
• Experience with Trello
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