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Writer for inspiringclick.com

Inspiring Click Published: September 10, 2023
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We are currently looking for writers who can create 1-2 original articles a week (Absolutely no AI generated content) for our business inspiringclick.com.

Please note that to be considered, you will need to write a test article (described further in the application). Any application without an original test article will be diregarded

We write on the most innovative and uplifting news/stories/topics from across the globe to create an inspired community and a more inspired world.

Inspiring click was founded in 2023. In just 3 months, it is ranking on the 1st page of Google for "motivational news" out of over 850,000,000 other website results. Almost Every article that we have published ranks on the 1st or 2nd page of Google; and has given our writers tremendous exposure to help grow their careers (more info shortly).

Please note that this is not a paid position yet; however, until we begin to pay, we offer valuable incentives (more info shortly). This is a great opportunity if you:

  • Want to be featured on our website and rank your articles, helping you grow your network and land big jobs as we grow.
  • Would like to grow your career with a valuable, growth-oriented business
  • Want to write articles that reflect your own areas of interest to add to your portfolio; showcasing your best work to people and potential clients worldwide
  • You love to write

Until we begin paying you, the incentives that you will get include the following: 

  • Featured on our Meet the Team page to gain clients. You will have a space dedicated to showcasing you and your services forever. Clients will be able to reach out directly to you. This page will contain your author bio which has your picture, portfolio, contact information, and social media. When we get 10,000, 50,000, and eventually 100,00,000 visitors to our website a month, you will have the sort of exposure that ensures you have clients for the rest of your working career.
    • https://inspiringclick.com/meet-the-team/


  • Featured on our Hire an Inspiring Writer page to gain big jobs. You will have a space dedicated to showcasing you and your services forever. Clients will be able to hire you through inspiring click to write articles for their businesses. We bring in the big jobs, then we give them to you. The Hire An Inspiring Writer page is meant to streamline the job acquisition process by allowing us to delegate work to you, saving you the hassle of having to deal with clients while giving you the big-paying jobs.
    •  https://inspiringclick.com/hire-an-author/

You will have the option of choosing which of the two pages you would like to be featured. Both require a 50 article minimum. If you don’t reach the 50-article goal to be featured on our dedicated pages forever, then any articles you write for us will still remain on our website forever with your name and author summary at the bottom of each article.

  • Valuable Workshops, working with the best to elevate your content writing and SEO skills. We'll give you videos, workshops, and courses that you can't get anywhere else. As inspiring click grows, you will too. Almost Every article that we have published ranks on the 1st or 2nd page google; and has given our writers tremendous exposure to help grow their careers.

Team members Ranking on Google: 

  • "spout atmospheric water generator" 1st page of over 650,000+ results.
  • "worlds first bee sanctuary". 1st page of 25,000,000+ results
  • "Mira Kulkarni". 1st page of 1,800,000+ results.
  • "TeamSeas robot". 1st page of "10,000,000+ results"


  • You have a Strong grasp of grammar
  • You enjoy the creative aspect of writing and value originality
  • You understand the importance of search engine optimization (or you're willing to learn).
  • You're organized and independent; however, you love working in a collaborative and positive team environment
  • You love creating valuable content and are a continuous learner

In a world progressively moving towards automation, creativity will be the future. We are going to make inspiringclick.com the number-one source for cool and inspiring news on the planet. If you would like to be part of that, and you are ready to join our inspiring team of writers, then we are looking forward to your application.

All the best. Stay inspired!

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