SkimThat.com Published: April 26, 2011
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http://SkimThat.com summarizes popular articles. I'm looking for freelance writers who will summarize several articles each weekday, throughout the day (US Timezone).
The summaries are bare bones, facts only. Think of it as TLDR versions of articles or a long form news crawl. The summary should be dry without any editorial comments or opinion from you. Don't engage the reader with questions or a sensational tease. Only include information that's given in the source article.

The reader should feel like they've gotten the whole story from the summary. If they choose to dig deeper, a link to the source article will be provided with each summary.

Source articles are science, tech, start-up and entrepreneurship related. Applicants should have a history of writing on these topics.

Your responsibilities:
-Find the popular articles to write about. This will commonly be done by following a twitter feed and selecting from the stories posted.

-Be available throughout the (US timezone) day to write about a popular story. Generally, a summary should be posted within 30 minutes of it becoming popular.

-Write summary

-Post summary to website blog. The website is run on WordPress.
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