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Write Remotely for Hotels around the World!

Arrivedo Published: June 10, 2019
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We want to change the way everyone travels. We want travelers to experience the best local insights every time and make the most out of their trip. This is your chance to help us change that.

Arrivedo works with a community of thousands of international freelance writers, (including, but not limited to) travel-oriented bloggers, authors, literature and creative writing students who create Neighborhood Guides for hotels all over the world. We currently host over 20,000 travel articles for hotels in more than 250 cities around the globe, providing our services to independent hotels, boutique hotels, B&Bs, hostels in remote locations, as well as to renowned international chains like Belmond, Loews, GHL, JW Marriott, Waldorf-Astoria and Four Seasons.

What does the Arrivedo Writers Community do?
Help travelers with local recommendations you share in a hotel’s Neighborhood Guide and top content individual articles.


What are your opportunities as an Arrivedo Freelancer?

Option 1: Outreaching hotels and crafting their Neighborhood Guides.

1st: Outreach to hotels: Approach hotels via email/calls or in person (what you prefer!) offering to set up their profile and create a guide in Arrivedo. (We provide support, resources, and incentives for contacting those hotels with Arrivedo team for upselling products)

2nd: Gather hotels local recommendations: Interview hotel staff to collect the hotel’s local recommendations and insights into their neighborhood.
3th: Create a Neighborhood Guide: Use Arrivedo’s editor to create 8-10 short articles showcasing the hotel’s local recommendations from themes ranging from routes, gastronomy, nightlife, cultural activities, essential tips and more. Here is an example Neighborhood Guide from Hotel Majestic in Chicago: https://arrivedo.com/dest/en/chicago/hotel/the-majestic-hotel-3.


Option 2: Written Assignments  

As an Arrivedo Writer, you can also access to other written assignments.

  • Article Challenge: We want you to help us on creating unique articles with Extraordinary Content around different social and cultural trends, top travel destinations and travel niches, while also being in charge of distributing that content through our community and your network.
  • Other Content Tasks: We also have specific cases when we need content or translations for specific locations or events.


Option 3: Be part of our staff

After some time getting experience with us, writers of our community can become testers of new product releases, editors and/or publishers. We even facilitate opportunities for other travel freelance skills like photography, design, web development, and more.


What are the benefits?

  • Be part of a freelance community for travel multi-skilled professionals and access multiple opportunities.
  • Getting certified as one of Arrivedo’s thousands of international travel freelance writers.
  • Being able to sell your writing services to any hotel in the world. Arrivedo does not take a commission from your deals with hotels. Transactions are 1-on-1 in between writers and hotels.
  • Improve your sales skills. We will provide you training, materials, webinars, as well as personalized support to help you on the outreach process.
  • Be aware that hotels prefer to pay with free accommodation (normally 3 nights), but you can negotiate a monetary payment.
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