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Blogging.org Published: October 8, 2012
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Make Money Writing Content for Blogging.org
Have you ever wanted to make money writing content? Bring home and extra $500 a month? Now you have the ability to make good money writing content for people.

Blogging.org launched today in beta. Blogging.org is a marketplace for buying and writing content. It’s an easy way get content for your site or make money writing content for other sites.

Now you can join 1000′s of other bloggers making good money online. It’s simple and you can signup today, the whole process takes around 5 seconds!

How Does It Work?

Businesses and website owners come to Blogging.org looking for good content. We have great writers on our site. When someone signs up and orders an article, writers on Blogging.org write the article that someone wants and then the articles are accepted or rejected. Once the person accepts the article they can rate the article writer. The article writer is also paid for their time and writing.

If you’re an article writer and want to make money you can login, select articles that you would like to write, write them, submit them and make money writing content. You can choose from 100′s or 1000′s of articles that are waiting to be written. Now you can make tons of money online writing articles.

Make Money Writing Content

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to write articles for other people. Top writers are making $30+ an hour writing articles for businesses. It’s pretty simple to, all you have to do is signup and get started. You could be earning $30+ an hour by the end of today!
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