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Write Articles About Dogs

N/A Published: August 14, 2017
Work can be done remotely
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We’re looking for 3 or 4 knowledgeable, creative writers to produce content for a website based on the topic of dogs.

We’re looking for writers who can educate people about various topics about dogs, be that current dog owners who may have questions that need answers, or people considering buying/adopting dogs but have some questions in mind they want answering beforehand.


A small team of website builders who create high quality, educational websites based on our own interests and hobbies.

For this site in question, I myself will also be producing content, be that product review articles that dog owners may be looking for, informational articles dog owners may have questions about, and more.

The end goal for this project is to create a fantastic resource on the subject of everything related to dogs.


The project is a website that discusses and teaches everything to know about dogs, how to properly take care of them, how to cater to their needs, why they exhibit certain behaviour, how to deal with dog-related issues that may come up, etc ..

This is a long-term and on-going opportunity where we’re looking for 3 or 4 writers who are able to produce anything from 3000 to 10,000 words each per month (depending on your availability).

Before we start, we can agree on and guarantee from both sides a certain level of work to be produced every month.

Individual articles will be anything from 1000 words to 4000 words each, so we’d be looking for people who can create anything from 2 to 6 pieces each per month, up to an approximate word count each month that we agree on between us beforehand.


The ideal applicant will have a passion dogs and knowledge about dogs, or at least SOME experience in being around dogs and dealing with them, combined with excellent research skills.

A good level of knowledge about animals and anything related to them in general is a massive bonus, as would having some prior experience in dealing with them yourself.

You would need to have an engaging, witty voice, able to relate to and entertain readers while being highly informative and able to truly teach and give over useful information in a friendly, entertaining way.

A ‘friendly expert’ is the tone of voice we will be looking for throughout the site.


'The friendly expert' tone of voice.

No ‘walls of text,' but content visually broken up into nice sized chunks, presented in nicely formatted sentences, paragraphs, bullet point and numbered lists, all within nicely structured articles with an intro, H2 and H3 headings for topics and sub-topics. Basically ready for the web.

All content must have links out to authoritative sources of information from within the text, not simply listed at the end.

Content will only ever require internet research, no outreach, books, magazines or interviews required.

We only focus on publishing high quality, well-researched useful content, aiming to be the best content on the web for each article produced.

We will provide detailed instructions and topic brief for each article, while also leaving plenty of room for your own input and creativity.

There will be no KW inclusion targets, and only very loose word count targets as we believe forcing writers to include certain words, or being strict on word count is very counter-productive and restrictive, making the end result suffer. We are more interested in covering topics very well, and word count and KW inclusion can fall where they may.


  • How to calm your puppy’s separation anxiety
  • Reverse Sneezing In Dogs: All The Medical Facts You Need To Know
  • Is scolding your dog ruining the relationship between you two? The facts and science behind it
  • Perfect Balance: The Best Dog Food For French Bulldogs
  • Danger alert: Can dogs eat chicken bones?
  • Choosing the best crate for your dog (And our top 5 picks reviewed in detail)


  • We will pay per word
  • Ability to work to deadlines
  • Willing to make changes based on editorial feedback (we usually find very little is needed though due to the detail in our briefs and writing instructions.)
  • We own exclusive rights to the content, it must not be used, shared or published in any other way. However, if published in your name, we cannot make any changes to the content either (without your permission.)
  • We are open to accepting both ghost written work, or publishing under your own name if you have relevant authority and experience to add to a credible bio.
  • That both sides, both ourselves and you, commit to a guaranteed amount of content each month on-going (minimum of 3k words, to be agreed at the start.)


Please send me an e-mail to me at: [email protected] with the subject line: “Dogs are in this season”.

(This just shows me who has actually bothered to read this advert and can follow the simplest of instructions…you’d be surprised   )

Please include in your e-mail:

  • Your previous experience and what makes you ideal for this opportunity
  • Links to 3 examples of similar or relevant work you have previously had published.
  • Your rate per word for written content.
  • How many words per month you can commit to (between 3k and 10k words please.)
  • Any questions or further information you would like from me.

I look forward to hearing from some of you soon!

All the best,


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