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The WordPress Magazine Published: October 12, 2007
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We're in the process of setting up <a href=\"http://www.wp-mag.com\">The WordPress Magazine</a> and we're looking for editors and writers to join our staff team for the various sub-sections / focus areas of the magazine.
The magazine will be run on a similar basis as <a href=\"http://www.smashingmagazine.com\">Smashing Magazine</a>, so make sure that you can produce that length and quality content if you're interested in this position.

<strong>Note: One of the main requirements for these positions is that you need to know your way around WordPress, as you would need to produce in-depth, intelligent content about WordPress.</strong>

We are looking for co-editors (who will be offered a shareholding and a share of profits in the venture) and freelance bloggers (paid on a negotiated fee per post basis) in the following areas (feel free to apply for more than one of the positions):

<strong>1. WordPress Designs / Themes.</strong> (Co-Editor & Junior Writers)

<strong>2. WordPress Plugins.</strong> (Only Junior Writers)

<strong>3. Blog Reviews.</strong> (Only Junior Writers)

<strong>4. General WordPress News (& Related Web 2.0 news).</strong> (Co-Editor & Junior Writers)

<strong>5. WordPress Connection (connect with WP designers, developers etc).</strong> (Co-Editor & Junior Writers)

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