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DB Media Published: May 20, 2015
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I'm looking for an experienced video blogger/screencaster who is also a WordPress expert to turn out 3-5min how-to screencasts.
I run a growing WordPress theme site and want to offer some real depth and quality around the how-to content. There are an almost unlimited number of how-to screencasts we could publish on topics related to WordPress core features, themes and plugins.

I'm looking for someone who is already really good at producing screencasts and can turn out regular videos which look and sound great. We'll cover all the basics to start and then get increasingly deep and specific around advance functions and features of WordPress.

I expect to pay per screencast/video, though I expect we'll have some parameters around length etc. If I'm wrong about this approach please let me know.

My audience is largely US based so it is important that you are a native english speaker, though I'm not to fussed about accents as long as you speak well :)
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