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Women’s Natural Medicine Blog Ghostwriter

Glow Natural Wellness Published: April 25, 2020
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Dr. Michelle Sands is a board-certified Naturopathic Physician, Functional Medicine doctor, #1 Best selling author women’s health expert and professional speaker who specializes in using natural as medicine, and combining cutting edge tools like epigenetics testing, diet phasing, and eastern medicine to create potent, proven protocols, Dr. Sands educates and coacches Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, executives and soccer moms to live their best life and operate at the highest levels of performance.

Dr. Michelle believes that disease does not exist.  And that all the body needs to heal, grow and thrive can be found in natura, the universe, and within ourselves.  She incorporates human epigenetic coaching, hormone optimization, nutrition therapy, state-of-the-art biometric monitoring, mindset training and lifestyle intervention to provide women a personalized path to optimizing health and freeing themselves from dysfunction and disease.

Dr. Michelle has a team of coaches and several popular programs including The GLOW Protocol and DNA Made Simple.

Dr. Sands is incredibly passionate to help women optimize their health, vitality and longevity. You can find her at

We are looking for talented writers to write as ghost writers on our site. You are the right candidate for this opportunity if you are:


  • an above average writer with English being your first language
  • able to handle a good workload and produce exceptional work under pressure/deadlines.
  • interested in researching and writing about women’s health issues such as menopause, hormone imbalance, thyroid health, osteoporosis,  sexual health, libido, genetics, skin care, aging, epigenetics, nutrigenomics and effective vitamins and supplements for women.
  • willing to write the BEST 2,000+ word article on the topic(s) that you are assigned with appropriate research from Pubmed, Google Scholar, and elsewhere to find necessary information and sources.  Example articles can be found on,


Your writing should be able to match our tone, style, and audience and be in line with Dr. Sands philosophy (these guidelines will be provided to you.  Dr. Michelle created a 4-part video series that you can watch get a handle on her tone and philosophy.


Please note that our scientific referencing style is to include the source (as a number in brackets linking to the source's page) at the end of the sentence - not as a reference list at the bottom of the article. 

Types of Articles


We are looking to publish only EPIC content (2000+ words) on our site that meets 3 main criteria:


  • clear, simple, and actionable
  • authoritative and backed by science (where applicable)
  • Natural Medicine perspective
  • written in a conversational tone that sparks interest (to a female audience, some articles will be gender neutral)


Compensation: $75 for each 2,000+ word article


Process of Writing For Us


Step 1: We will assign you a topic, headline for your article, and SEO keyword phrase to include as you write.


Step 2: You write the article and send it back to us before the due date.


Step 3: Rinse and repeat.




- Your articles must be 100% original and pass Copyscape


- Posts should not violate any copyright laws


- Please do not apply if you were not born and raised in an English-speaking country, have sub-par writing skills, or have no interest or experience in health or nutrition content.


Please be sure to include at least 2 examples of previous work. We will not consider applicants who miss this important step.


Tips for applying online safely