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Digital Marketing Company Published: April 1, 2014
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We are looking for a fashion aficionado to guide an up and coming fashion startup. We need someone young, edgy (with a bit of class), in tune to the world of underground fashion, an effortless fashionista.
We will offer $80 for an article of about 600 - 1,000 words (plus the visuals you want to include). We offer bonuses if you can put other skills to use making your articles shine (slideshows, interesting formatting, etc).

In order to submit:
You must write “leather and lace” in your response to be considered for this job.
You must submit a sample with the below requirements.
Tell us your 3 favorite fashion bloggers.

Our Process:
- We will give you the basic topic we want to write about and you’ll come up with the meat.
- It will start with a killer headline to get eyes on your work
- You will then outline how the article will be written and laid out, as well as what items from the site you want to feature. We have access to the photo shoot behind each one, so we’ll set you up with the best quality images.
- Once this is approved, you will draft an article and upload it to WordPress as a draft.
- We may send back for edits. If not, we’ll make the finishing touches and take it live.

Content Requirements:
These articles have the styles we want to emulate:




Please submit one sample demonstrating the below requirements. If your sample does not already include some of these requirements, please make the appropriate edits to the article. The sample will be the primary piece of our selection process. If more than one is submitted, we will read only the first.

- Over 500 words
- Personal - No CNN reports here. Send us something personal, preferably with an interesting anecdote.
- Specific Knowledge - Show what you know
- References - You have to be to an avid observer of the fashion world. Show us the model who made it popular. Show us the celebrity who wears it well.
- Logical Organization – It has to be easy on the reader to take in and understand.
- Exciting and edgy - The blog needs a little attitude, nothing over the top though.

Turnaround times we expect:
- 24 hours for the headline
- 24 hours for an outline
- 48 hours for a draft
- 24 - 48 hours for revisions depending on extent

- Embedded Slideshows
- Design Experience
- WordPress Experience
- Experience with Trello

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