Windows IT Blogger: Microsoft Exchange / Cybersecurity Expertise and MVPs

TechGenix Published: June 3, 2018
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Established in 1997, TechGenix is the place where the genius is put at the intersection of thought leadership and information technology trends. To date, we are one of the topmost IT publications. We are looking for experts in the following subject areas, who can write articles that are at least 1000+ words:
  • Microsoft Exchange server administration
  • Cybersecurity resources and tutorials (we do NOT need a news writer)
  • General pain points for Windows sysadmins - how to articles
  • GDPR
  • Email hygiene and security
We'd be looking for evergreen content, so tutorials are preferred and informative articles/lists are also great. Our writers are expected to come up with topic ideas on their own. We do not typically assign topics.
Bonus if you can do the below:
  • Tell stories about your IT experiences
  • Exert influence through tech knowledge and useful tutorials
  • Break news but provide a unique spin to your approach
  • Provide funny, engaging, and quirky spins to your technical commentary
  • Create video or audio (we have a YouTube channel and podcast)
(As before, we are NOT looking for news reporters on ransomware topics, but all above topics are open.)
You must also:
  • Promote your content to your networks
  • Think edgy and viral in your content and headline delivery (we want the content to be exciting to read and share)
This is a freelance position which means you’re able to do your own thing on the side, but we definitely need you to meet required commitments and deadlines.
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