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Well-Researched Parenting Blog Article Writer (1-2 per month)

BabySprout Published: November 4, 2018
Anywhere (we are in Seattle)
Work can be done remotely
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We are seeking a freelance writer to produce high quality content for a parenting blog.
The emphasis is on "well-researched" since the articles will be translated into Chinese, so the quality of your writing is much less important than the depth of information it provides.
Two main types of content - (1) well-researched authoritative articles with references, (2) shorter instructive pieces.
Some examples:
Type 1 - Authoritative Articles:
  1. Bullying: What is bullying? What are the negative impacts of bullying on your child? Warning signs that your child is being bullied? What kinds of children are at risk? How to deal with a bullying situation as a parent? How to teach your child to prevent bullying? What to do if your child has been bullied? What if your child is the bully?
  2. Carseat: What are the main types - convertible, bassinet, booster. How to choose a good carseat? rear-facing and when to switch? General instructions for how to correctly install carseats and buckle seatbelt?
  3. Teeth: How to brush your child's teeth and use floss? how to prevent cavities?
In all cases, these types of articles should include references to leading associations, doctors, dentists and other trusted organizations.
Type 2 - Instructive Pieces
  1. Tips for parents taking their child on a long flight / road trip
  2. Good parenting Apps / Good educational Apps suggestions / reviews
  3. How to choose a good daycare / nanny
When applying please include the following:
1) Reference this posting so we know your application is unique (not bulk response)
2) Send us a sample article (or two) that show your ability to provide high quality well-researched content (this is the most important part). Yes, we will read what you send to see if it matches what we are looking for.
3) Your requested rate.
4) Any other information you think is relevant that we need to know.
We will pick three writers and pay for an initial article as a trial. Ideally we work with one or two freelancers for this job over an extended period. In other words, this is a long-term engagement! We love working with great people.
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