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SitePoint Published: January 13, 2014
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SitePoint, one of the web's best-known resources for web developers, is looking for new contributors.
Specifically, we're looking for top-notch writers for our JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, HTML/CSS, Mobile, Design and Web channels.

What We're Looking For

- Experienced web developers who have been there, done that — specifically, developers with at least two years of dev experience. If you love investigating new web development topics and sharing that new knowledge, we want to hear from you!

- Native (or equivalent skill) English speakers, with a high standard of written English. This isn't a place where your code can speak for itself: we need well-written articles that are structurally sound.

- Active members of the web development community. Are you active on Twitter, GitHub, Google+? Do you keep up with new web development topics? You'll fit right in at SitePoint.

- While we love our regular writers, we're also looking for one-off submissions, so don't be afraid to get in touch if you know you can't commit to regular contributions.

Here's an idea of the kinds of topics you'll be writing about for SitePoint:

- Real-world uses of PHP and NoSQL databases
- Try out a new or unknown JavaScript framework and report on your findings
- New ways to build out a dev environment (like Bower or Docker)
- What can web designers learn from packaging designers?
- What skills should web developers build to find a well-paying job?
- Pick a Ruby gem, dissect it, use it, try to break it.

What We Offer

- Money: between $150 and $300 for standard articles or short videos, more for standout or long-form content.

- Fame: writing for SitePoint means you'll be published on one of the world's top web development resources, and your articles will be promoted across our social media network. SitePoint writers have gone on to speak at conferences, land big projects, write books, and work for some of the top tech companies in the world.

- Creativity and feedback: out of ideas? Our editors are skilled at finding interesting new topics and angles, and they will help you improve your writing, fast.

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