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News For Shoppers Published: January 24, 2013
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News For Shoppers, an approved Google News and Bing News source, is seeking writers with the ability to write original, expert, entertaining content on current events of interest to shoppers and consumers.
If you have experience writing for an approved news site - you know that original, breaking, useful, well written and headlined content on trending topics can draw huge amounts of traffic.

We monitize that traffic through AdSense, and we do it well.

You will need to have a AdSense account in good standing before you apply.


Our primary goal is to provide the latest news and analysis to consumers who are in the process of deciding how they are going to spend their money and time

We also provide updates, reviews, and the latest information about products that have fan bases (tech, games, tv shows, etc).

We do not assign specific stories to writers. You will be responsible for following your topics of interest and writing about breaking news and events.

You should have an in-depth knowledge of your subject, so that you can add value to your stories.

>> If you are writing about a tablet - you should have the ability to detail it's specs, provide background information, compare it to its competition.

>> If you are writing about a movie, you should know the industry, have knowledge about the actors, be familiar with reviews of the film, be able to identify it's intended audenice.

>> If you are writing about a sale or deal, you should be able to analyze whether it is a good deal or a scam, why the price has dropped, what the future of the product is, how it compares price-wise to others.

>> If you are writing about a store or an offer - how does the offer work, what does it include, what's the fine print, what does a shopper need to know?

These are just a few examples - the niche is actually huge. But whatever you write about, you need to be able to do so with authority, providing useful, timely, accurate information.

As a writer, you will recieve:

- a 50% revenue share (your AdSense ads will appear on 50% of the traffic to your articles)
- your own byline
- a bio on each story
- a link to your own (family friendly) site in your bio
- a Google Authorship link to your Google Plus profile (helps build your reputation as an online writer, plus your picture will appear next to many of your stories in Google)
- a journalist profile page on News For Shoppers
- professional editing and ongoing training

You can:

- report and analyze consumer related breaking news and current events
- interview experts and shoppers, gather/report on expert/consumer opinions
- contact companies, press agents, ask the questions shoppers want to know
- preview upcoming events, report on product and sales rumors
- review new products and travel experiences
- promote your stories through your own social media
- write between 3 to 30 stories each week

You can't:

- provide advice/tips/how-to. As a news site, we inform, then let the reader decide
- write about your own products or in any way promote affiliate links

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