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Ruler Analytics Published: April 20, 2017
Work can be done remotely
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Mid-sized Business


Job Description

We’re looking for a talented copywriter who can turn our research into unique, compelling long-form content pieces. We will interview influencers in the digital marketing space, you will turn them into stories.

It’s not a necessity that you have experience in digital marketing (although it’s definitely a bonus). The experts will provide the substance.

It’s your job to understand what they’re saying, and build a narrative around it.

To do this, you will need to develop excellent understanding of our audience, the ability to pick out a hook from each interview and excellent storytelling skills.

Above all, you should have extremely high standards about the quality of your work and constantly be seeking to improve based on the performance of your existing portfolio.



> Produce 1 well-research and compelling long-form (2,500+ word) content pieces every month

> Produce 2 x 500-1,000 word pieces to maintain content calendar each month on the topic of PPC, marketing analytics, marketing attribution, paid media, AdWords etc.

> Monitor and monthly report of the success of your content in Google Analytics

> Making sure your content is SEO optimised

> Assisting with promotional copy and distributing of your content in relevant places online

> Sticking to a tight deadline, adhering to and improving our content production workflow

Why work with us?

> You control your schedule. All that we ask is that work is completed on time and to a high standard.

> You get a fixed monthly income. No pay per word or article. And we won’t ask you to do more than what’s specified above.

> There’s a huge opportunity and content is central to it. The more we achieve together, the bigger the opportunity becomes for all of us. We really want someone to take control and drive the success of our content marketing.

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How To Apply

Simply email [email protected] along with 5 pieces of content you’ve produced that you’re a) proud of and b) relevant to what we’re trying to achieve and your expectations around renumeration.

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