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Vegan Blog Writer

OnlineVegans Published: February 14, 2020
Work can be done remotely
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Small Business


OnlineVegans is a hoping to become a major resource on veganism. We want articles on everything vegan - from vegan travel to vegan snacks. We're likely going to need upwards of 15 articles per month, please let us know your bandwidth - we're open to several writers if you're exceptional but can't provide that many.

You must be vegan to apply for this role, or at least have very very significant insight into the industry. We're not after "SEO fluff". We want content that people want to read, and will come back every week to keep reading.


I will not be able to reply to your email unless it has answers to the following questions:

  1. What are your favorite vegan blogs that you read regularly? Please give me the URLs. (I need at least 5)
  2. Did you ever guest post on one of these blogs? Please send me links to all your guest posts on leading vegan blogs. (but no more than 10 please, in case you have too many of them)
  3. I need the following links:
    1. A link to your own blog (in case you have one);
    2. A link to your Twitter profile (in case you have one);
    3. A link to your Pinterest profile (in case you have one);
  4. Did you ever make money online with vegan blogging?
  5. I also need the following:
    1. Your rates ( flat rate or per word )


  1. Must speak fluent english
  2. passionate about veganism


  1. Typical article lengths:
    1. ~1000-2000 words

Please send your answer to [email protected] and make sure your subject is “Veganism Is Everything - Writing Job”. I will likely get back to you soon afterwards.

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