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Unicorn: Blog content writer (part time > full time)

Content Powered Published: January 21, 2022
Virtual, United States
Work can be done remotely
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Small Business


Most companies pay writers per hour, and you'll never make over 35k/year, regardless of the volume you're producing. That never made sense to us. We get paid more for every new client we take on, so why shouldn't our writers?

Writers are the lifeblood of our company, and we treat them very well.

Most part-time writers that start with us earn about 50k in their first year. Our company is one of the few that pays their senior writers 100k+.

We value loyalty, stability, flexibility, and hard work. 

What's our secret? We only hire people who carry their weight, we hire a select few talented writers who are effective at what they do, we pay them very well, and we take care of them.

This job:

  • Has a high growth ceiling. We're not going to pay you a flat salary if you're writing a lot of content for us; that's not fair to you, and it's not realistic. Our top writers get paid well over 6 figures. We're a small company but have tripled in size the past year. We don't have many writers by design - we're small, lean, and mean. Getting in early with us will have it's rewards later.
  • Remote. Obviously. Who doesn't like working form home. We're never getting an office.
  • Turbo flexible. You can work any hour of the day, and you don't have to ask to take days off or to take breaks. Our only requirement is that content is due every week so that we can deliver it to our clients who are paying us to keep the lights on. Some of our writers are night owls and some only work 2-3 days per week. As long as your work gets done and our clients are happy, it's all the same to us.
  • Loyal. We have a very stable (and growing) client base. No more worrying about if your job is going to implode overnight. We're diversified, and our parent company has been in business over a decade. We value loyalty and hard work. Caring about our clients and the work you produce is caring about all of us. We all want to work remotely and on our own time - let's do it as a team.
  • Fair. Writers are human. Some clients are jerks (we get rid of them). Nothing is perfect, and content is nuanced. We just ask that you try your best and don't half-ass anything. I like to think the boss (the guy who wrote this) is a pretty cool dude.

What we're looking for:

  • A writer who is interested starting out part time and moving to a full time schedule (1-3 articles per week to establish quality guidelines and review performance). We're growing, and we're hiring another writer since our demand is exceeding our writer's bandwidth. You'll take on all new clients, and it will take a little while to hit a full schedule. This has its benefits if you're patient - better to iron out the kinks with a smaller schedule and slowly ramp up as you get more comfortable.
  • A writer who can write an expert long-form article on just about anything, from research to outline to a finished proofread piece. We focus on long-form content that is over 2,000 words.
  • A fairly open schedule. We'd love to assign you all of our new clients. If you have a lot of side projects or another job, this isn't for you. We want someone who can grow and take on more responsibility over time and that will be with us for a while.
  • Based in the United States. This is a firm requirement of many of our clients, and it's been a big selling point for us. As much as we'd like to branch out, we're going to keep what is working for us.

To apply, please email [email protected]. Feel free to include a short cover letter, resume, writing samples, and anything else that will make our decision easier.

Please answer this math question in your email so that we know that you actually read this entirely: 5+2

Note: Do not apply to this job on our website. Your best chance at a reply is by emailing. We cannot respond to every writer that replies. It may take us a few days to respond as we review applicants.

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