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DocTriathlon Published: February 4, 2018
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I run a fast growing triathlon site, Currently publishing several content pieces per day. We are looking for highly qualified individuals to come and join our team to help create high quality content about different aspects of triathlon (Swimming, Biking and Running).

In depth knowledge about an aspect, or all, is going to be mandatory for this position.

A strong critical sense and being analytical with your answers to topics and questions is a must. You should be able to quantify your answers with knowledge and sources and portray yourself as a seasoned expert in aspects of Triathlon competitions. Having a sense of pride and perfectionism with your work will go a long way as well.

In your application please include:

- Your past experiences in one or all of the related fields (if you are a triathlete great!)
- 2 to 3 links to the published pieces of content, ideally related to an aspect of Triathlon
- Your demanded rates, availabilities and capacity
- Please state you have read this entire document in your opening sentence of application by using the word Cairo!


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