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HubPages Published: March 24, 2008
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HubPages is seeking bloggers who really \"know their stuff\" to contribute to our vibrant blog commmunity at
In a little over a year, HubPages has drawn tremendous traffic to almost 100,000 articles written on various topics. Over 7 million people visit HubPages every month, mostly from search engines such as Google and Yahoo - a reflection of our articles' quality.

HubPages's high visibility and high caliber of content quality also make it an ideal showcase of your writing talents. Hundreds of freelance writers and bloggers add their HubPages writing to their online portfolios and resumes.

No HTML or blog programming knowledge is necessary. Our simple authoring tool is as easy to use as Blogger or WordPress, but you can also very easily add pictures, YouTube videos, and news feeds.

Writers earn 60% of the advertising revenue generated by ads displayed on the articles they write. Many of our authors are earning hundreds (and, a few, thousands) of dollars a month on what they've already written.

In addition: The best, experienced users are eligible to participate in the \"Flagship Hubs\" program, for $25-35 per article.
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