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Arborists and Lawn Expert Writers Wanted (thegreenpinky.com)

Junio Media LLC Published: January 19, 2021
Work can be done remotely
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The Green Pinky is currently seeking highly experienced tree and lawncare writers who can craft excellent growing guides and other written material related to different trees and grasses. We are seeking arborists and lawncare experts who have academic or lots of hands-on experience.

We are looking for a couple things

  • ONLY arborists or lawncare experts (or those who have a lot of hands-on experience) should apply. We are not looking for writers who can do research.
  • ONLY considering writers who have English as a first language and can write with good grammar and spelling
  • Must be willing to provide linkedin, facebook, twitter profile etc to showcase you as a writer on our site

The ability to take decent photos of trees or grass you may be growing in your own yard is a plus, particularly if you can take step-by-step photos.

Articles will be written in a professional tone that demonstrates your expertise but with limited jargon. The articles will be as long (or as short) as they need to be to cover the topic. Usually they will be at least 800 words.

Please submit writing samples and photos along with your resume, rates, and availability. This can be an original piece or content posted to another site. In addition, as a quick screening question, please tell me BRIEFLY about your favorite tree or type of grass (based on your expertise) and the solution that most common people face with that species.

We pay by article and do not pay by the word.

Application materials can be submitted to [email protected]


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