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Been a part of a lot of content migrations? We need SME’s that have been through migrations

CURTIS Digital Published: February 2, 2019
Work can be done remotely
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We are looking for writers (2-3) that have been through the hard and long task of a content migration. This is typically what happens during a site redesign or a content platform change (CMS migration) and you need to update a lot of content. We want to put articles together from the real world about the challenge, stories, often overlooked nuances to a content migration or bulk transformation of content.

some example topics

  • Company hired an SEO guru and we ended up rewriting 500 content headlines to match the guideline
  • Company was acquired and all of the messaging had to be updated
  • Had to write alt-text for 1000 images
  • Change in acceptable buzz words caused a rewrite of content on the site
  • The old site was missing excerpts so I had to go in and read all of the content and write 150 excerpts
  • Current site didnt have H2's so we had to go in to the CMS and update all of the content


These are just some ideas we have for content intensive tasks that have to happen for transformations because of  tech but also changes that occur to a brand have on the content that customers and web viewers see. We are specifically not looking for the actual company names. We will not look to publish any company names in this content. We would like to speak to the type of business and profile details but not the company name. We want the stories behind this work so we can speak to real world scenarios that happen and what that impact us to content writers, marketing, and enterprise marcomm.

Let us know your idea for the article/s, its length and the cost and timeline for it. We will hire a few people for this since we want to get a diverse set of example stories.

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