Tech Journalist/Blogger(s) Covering Cloud, Development/Design, Managed Hosting

Northcutt Published: January 17, 2014
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Northcutt is a Chicago-based inbound marketing agency that works primarily with major managed hosting companies. We cover everything from WordPress to cloud to Internet politics to domaining to Linux. Think content that could appear in one of: SitePoint, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, NetworkWorld, Data Center Knowledge. If you've already been published on one of those, your chances of hire were just multiplied by a factor of 10!
We're seeking to expand our Content team with skilled tech journalists on a contract basis to begin, however a full time opportunity is currently available once we find somebody that we're totally satisfied with. Until then, we would like to contract on a per ~500-word post basis.

Responsibilities include developing engaging content for corporate blog posts, as well as ghost writing guest editorial pieces to be custom fit to major tech publications (see above). Skill in building a strategic content calendar and writing effective post titles is as important as content itself.


Flawless American English
Online writing samples (especially published guest posts)
Fundamental understanding of topical technical issues involving the Internet


Existing relationships with tech journalists/peers
Any passion you've shown towards blogging & geeky topics outside of work
A sense of humor
A \"yes, and\" approach to collaborating with other marketers / subject experts

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