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Tech-focused Script Writer for YouTube

Aaron Jack Published: March 31, 2021
Work can be done remotely
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I'm looking for an ongoing script writer for my technology, freelancing, and career-focused YouTube channel


A lot of my videos are programming-related, but you do not need to understand programming for this job.

I will provide topics, and high level guidelines, and you'll need to do some research and create a spoken-word script adapted to my style of speaking.

My videos are known for being data-driven, fact-based logical, to the point (rather than with flowery language).

Work Volume

We'll shoot for two 10 minute scripts (~1,500 words each) per week.

The Script Workflow will look like this

  • I provide the tech-related topic with loose guidelines and ideas
  • You'll do research, based on similar YouTube videos, news articles, Google search
  • Convert these sources into a compelling, attention-grabbing, and attention-holding narrative
  • Save links / screenshots of specific graphs, facts, and data as you go.
  • Must be Concise natural-sounding spoken word prose

How to Apply

  1. In 2 sentences, tell me (1) who you are, (2) any relevant experience you have, and your (3) rate per word
  2. Please watch at least one video on my channel to understand my style of speaking.
  3. Then, select one of the following prompts and write an attention-grabbing introduction in full prose (~100 words) in the style you would write the real scripts.
  4. Lastly, do some quick research on this topic, and write a bulleted list of ideas for the rest of the video (including specific facts and figures)

Don't worry about spending too much time on this, I just want to get a feel for your style, if you're good at research, and whether you're able to match what I'm looking for.

The Prompts

1. “The 1000x developer” -

there is a concept in programming called the “10x developer”, since it’s a profession with high leverage one person can be 10 times as productive rather than 2-3x as in other jobs.

This is common knowledge in the tech world, but Naval Ravikant mentions in his book there is another level: the 1000x developer. A single developer that has quite an earth shaking impact with what they create.

Examples: John Carmack, Satoshi Nakamoto, Notch, Linus Torvalds

This script would be sort of a micro documentary on those guys, what they created, and what sort of impact they had...

with the concept of “1000x developer” as the underlying thread, tying it all together.


2. “The Different Kinds of Software Developers”

Research similar videos and articles to gather the info on this one.

Here are the 5 types of developers we want to cover, and I've written out a sample for "back end"

1. Back end / systems

Back end is like the programmers within programmers and do generally focus on more math / pure logic.

Whereas front end devs will often work closely with designers, know the ins and outs of browsers, sort of like the electricians that "wire everything up" in your design.

In terms of raw programming skill, I don't think it's any secret that back end has a higher learning curve. There are just more components to balance, you have abstractions like micro services, the challenges of database scaling and replication, and maintaining optimal response times, and throughput which can always be improved.

Things that came "for free" like being able to visually see what is and isn't working must all be manually configured for back end with logging, analytics, and error handling.

But keep in mind that real people actually use the front end, and without knowing what will be intuitive and accessible is a skill of its own.

Keep in mind too that non-tech people are much more impressed with front end. You'll get "wow looks amazing!" as you demo something that was really simple to make... (etc)

2. Front End / Web Developer

3. Full Stack

4. Dev ops / system administrator

5. Data Science / Machine Learning


I'll be in touch shortly if it's a good fit. Thanks!

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