Tech Blogger/Journalist (contract) Published: August 5, 2008
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TITLE:Tech Blogger/Journalist (contract)

We are looking for a fun and enthusiastic freelance writer/journalist that can generate a minimum of 2 articles per day (400-600 words each) during every business day -- 5 days a week, with US national holidays off.

The subject matter is a blend of technical, online marketing, online writing and web business issues. Much of the content you will generate can be based on daily events and news. If you are capable of generating feature pieces, we strongly encourage this. You will be expected to move towards 1-2 feature pieces per month in the first 3 months.

This is really important, so we're repeating it: you must be able to commit to 2 articles per week day. If you cannot, please do not respond.

You will be an independent contractor and initially you will be paid on a per published post basis (ranges from US$ 15 to US$ 100). The basic compensation level will based on your experience and the type of content you generate (micro posts vs. standard articles vs. features). Feature articles will all be negotiated on a case by case basis.

After 3 months we will ideally move to a monthly contract relationship, where you will have a required number of articles to produce per week and required number of features to produce per month.

We have an incentive/bonus program that rewards you based upon the popularity of the content you author.

* Be able to commit to 2 articles per day
* Be enthusiastic and have a sense of humor!
* Be creative, critical, articulate and sometimes snarky in your English mother tongue.
* Have strong research/analysis skills. Detect and filter BS. Check facts well.
* Be familiar with writing for the web and for impatient online audiences.
* Your location is flexible. We somewhat prefer someone who is operating around GMT business hours.

You should be comfortable talking about one or more of these topics:

* Web publishing systems, trends, current news, product releases, etc.
* Web Content Management Systems (technical and marketing topics)
* Web content - writing it, optimizing it, sharing it, doing it better
* Blogging and micro publishing (technical and marketing topics)
* Enterprise 2.0 - wikis, collaboration, online office, etc.
* Web development, CSS, Web Standards, etc.
* AJAX and related emerging \"Web 2.0\" and \"Enterprise 2.0\" technologies
* Enterprise Content Management and Document Management Systems
* Enterprise Compliance and Records Management topics, including legislation like e-Discovery and Sarbanes Oxley

* A headline, a 1-2 sentence teaser for the front page, and then the body of the article.
* Intelligent linking of post content to related subject matter and/or to related posts in the same blog
* Assign one primary and a few sub-categories to each post
* Tag all posts
* Articles must follow our editorial style guide

Please be an individual and provide the following:

1) A self description with your location, experience and educational background
2) What time of day and timezone you would be working in
3) 2 example articles which you think fit well on
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