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eduFire, Inc. Published: April 6, 2009


Hi, we’re eduFire. We’re a venture-backed San Francisco startup creating a platform for live video education. We’re looking for bloggers to write articles on a numbers of subjects related to the things that are currently being taught and learned on our site. We’re looking for fun, intelligent and original prose. We’re *not* looking for dry content or anything that borrows, reiterates or outright steals from other authors. Ideally we’d like to talk to people that have an understanding of basic SEO principles, how to integrate multimedia (e.g., photos, videos, etc.) into posts and how to write articles that get attention from social media sites such as delicious, Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon.
We’re looking for people willing to complete 5-10 articles within the next 2-3 weeks. Compensation of $10-$20 (USD) per post. 400 word minimum, 800 word maximum (average of 600 words per post). We are looking for from long-term relationships with bloggers so this project will allow us to evaluate your work and determine potential fit for future projects.
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