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LearnToBlog.com Published: June 15, 2015
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LearnToBlog.com is hiring freelance writers to teach small business owners these topics:
WordPress theme/plugin reviews, email marketing, writing tips, productivity and time management, simple traffic strategies, design hacking, and outsourcing ... all as it pertains to blogging.

We offer massive exposure...

Our best posts will be sent to our community of over 80,000 email subscribers (most whom are beginning bloggers -- 75% women).

Articles will be 2,000+ words, well researched, contain helpful images, include many links, and must use simple and conversational language. Case studies are a huge plus.

Here's some examples from our blog:

1. http://learntoblog.com/wordpress-redirecting-to-porn-site-hacker/
2. http://learntoblog.com/ultimate-blog-post-promotion-checklist/
3. http://learntoblog.com/5-publishing-models/
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