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Talented writer for CoachStack – topics: business, mini-doco’s

Coach Stack Published: November 5, 2022
Work can be done remotely
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Hi there! We are looking for a talented scriptwriter to produce riveting content pieces for our blog, youtube, and socials.

Topics may be: money-making skills, economics, business, investing, marketing, start-ups, crypto

We're looking for someone we can work with on a permanent basis :)

Must have very strong journalistic skills.

At the moment, we are wanting 1 long-form script per week, to be approx 1500-2000 words on average (these will be given to the voiceover artist and be made into youtube videos)

And also 4-7 short form scripts around 100 words each/per week. (these will be given to the voice over artist and be made into short form video content).

The formats we will producing are:

-Case studies/examples/reverse engineer (e.g. "how this 23yr old made $235k this year selling cupcakes" or "the rise and fall of kentucky fried chicken..."
-Biographies (e.g. the rise and fall of XYZ investor/business person"
-How-to (e.g. 7 steps to starting a blog in 2023)
-List-based (e.g. 3 ways to stop procastinating
-Idea-based (e.g Why short-form content will produce the next era of successful influencers)
-Masterplan style (e.g. A 10 year career masterplan for ambitious investors"
-Short doco (e.g. The evil business of cereal)
-news/commentary (e.g. How the Fed's latest rate rise affects XYZ)
-point of view (e.g. Tik Tok is eating our brains)

These formats can be used for both the long form and short form scripts, but of course some ideas may lend themselves better to one or the other.

If there's an idea that you feel would be difficult to write 1500-200 about, a quick 100 word script will be great. For e.g. "Bill Gates has invested more in apple than microsoft". In this example, it's an interesting idea, but because it might be tough to get detailed info, it's better as just a short piece of content that's interesting as a small nugget.

If this role sounds interesting to you, please get in touch, and we can discuss in more detail! :)

budget is negotiable


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