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Superstar technical writer for an email platform (100K/year)

GMass, Inc. Published: December 4, 2021
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Guess what? Today's December 8, and this job is still available, so if you're the perfect candidate, please get in touch!


I've been searching far and wide for an ideal candidate, but so far I've come up empty. My name's Ajay, and I'm the founder of an email outreach platform called GMass.  I'd love a full-time technical writer for my website and blog who is also an expert in email, cold email outreach, and Gmail.

That's a tall order, but this is also a $100K/year job.

If you look at my blog now, you'll notice a mix of technical and marketing content. So far, almost every article has been written by me. I want to scale my content development by hiring a full-time writer that can produce content daily on a variety of email-related topics. Once you're in your groove, you should be able to produce one long form article per day for the site.

This is not a typical content writing job where you're expected to know how to trick Google with various SEO techniques. Now if you happen to also know how to optimize title tags and do keyword research, that's great, but it's not a core requirement. The focus is writing quality content that teaches our readers something interesting about email or shows off a feature they can't get elsewhere.

You should be an expert at the technical aspects of email marketing, because a lot of the articles you'll write will explain some technical underpinning of email to our readers.

For example, could you write an article explaining how open tracking works? On the flip side, could you also explain how pixel blockers work? If I asked you to document how a file attachment is transmitted in an email message, could you?

There's also a softer side to this role. Could you write a landing page for teachers explaining how they can use GMass to communicate with their students?

The tragedy of most content writers who will see this post is that they're mediocre at best. Most can manage to write an article about any topic by Googling voraciously, but the lack of subject expertise results in awkward phrasing and unbalanced word structure. I'm looking for someone better -- someone who can offer insight because they have mastery of the topic at hand.

Here are some writing samples I've received in the past. Can you improve them?

Sample One:

In this article, see how you can integrate GMass SMTP into WordPress with ease, and in the process, learn why GMass SMTP is the closest you’ll ever come to a silver bullet for solving your transactional and marketing email campaign woes.

Sample Two:

Email deliverability is a big deal for marketers. This is because email generates about $42 for every $1 spent,  representing a whopping 4,200% increase. Its disproportionate return on investment (ROI) has made email an important pillar of marketing campaigns. But without the right tools like GMass, marketers often struggle to reap the full benefits of email.

Sample Three:

Tracking emails that have been opened is an important metric to follow in order to optimize email campaigns for marketing and nurturing efforts. On the flip side, ever since this has been possible, services have been developed in order to block open emails from being tracked.

Email tracking services must continue to get creative to deal with pixel blockers.

There are many email tracking services, but GMass is unique in the way it does email tracking and stands out from the rest.


Question: what's more important -- the ability to write extraordinary well, or having a deep understanding of every technical aspect of email?

Answer: being able to write well, because that's hard to teach. We can, however, teach you about email. Of utmost importance, then, is the demonstrated ability to learn something technical quickly.

Perhaps you're an excellent writer, but you don't know that much about the technical underpinnings of email, but you do understand how REST APIs work. Maybe you're a DNS expert. Maybe you're a JavaScript expert. If you're smart enough to have mastered some technical area of the Internet, then you can likely learn email on the job.

Skills that would make you a unicorn:

  • Google Analytics, so you can see the results of an article you wrote.
  • SnagIt, so you can create awesome screenshots for your articles.
  • SQL, so you can search our enormous database for trends, like what browsers people are using most to read their email, and then write about it
  • A sense of humor, because a technical article that's also funny is gold.

More About You:

  • You tend towards perfectionism.
  • You stare at a sentence a couple minutes after writing it, finding little ways it can be improved to be shorter, more rhythmic, and more meaningful.
  • You get things done faster than most people.
  • You want to sink your teeth into something for the long term.
  • You never end a sentence with "etc."

A typical day for you would look like this:

  • You begin your day reviewing a list of topics, and it's decided that today you'll write a guide to teach people how to integrate the Gmass SMTP service into their WordPress sites.
  • You spend the day writing the article and crafting screenshots.
  • After you're done, you hit PUBLISH, and it's live on our blog to hundreds of thousands of readers.
  • Before you sign off for the day, you pull up an article you wrote a month ago on how teachers can use GMass to communicate with their students and you improve it by adding a blurb from an article you just read in the NY Times about how despite an increase in educational tech, teachers are working harder than ever these days.

More About me:

Some people find my bluntness off-putting. If you read this post and think the same, I don't blame you. I just know what I want in a writer, and I don't want to settle. If you want to get to know me better before applying, I'm active on Twitter (twitter.com/parttimesnob), here's my blog (gmass.co/blog), and you can Google me as well, although there are a few people more famous than I with the same name.

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