Stories of Courage, Strength, Overcoming Adversity – Positivity and Hope In The Morning – For a Breakfast Brand

Perfect Breakfast Published: July 13, 2017
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We are creating a blog/newsletter/content strategy for our company,

Our brand is going to be centered around breakfast, the first meal of the day and we are going to be focused on selling healthy products.

We are thinking to create a blog for our brand that is all about strength, courage, and overall goodness of humans...essentially showing humans at their best and providing encouragement and positive outlook on life!

If you think of Wheaties "The Breakfast Of Champions" this is a similar type of idea in some ways, although we are not confining to sports alone.  We can look at every kind of human endeavor and find the very best of people showing strength and courage and great human character/overcoming odds.

The whole idea is to find a format and way of doing this that really engages the audiences and that we can promote as part of our brand.  It is all in finding a unique story and then telling that story in an engaging way.  You will be a sort of student of history/investigator of details/creative writer all in one.

In terms of the specifics, we are still very fresh with the idea and we are looking to hire 5 people to take a stab at creating something awesome that we can start to benchmark around.  The winner(s) of this we will have the opportunity to continue and define the content for the blog and potentially become the editor.

In terms of length, we are not totally sure on this yet. It needs to be something someone would be able to read fairly quickly - 3 -5 minutes at most, in the morning.  We could be ok with shorter or longer form content on occasion but our idea right now is to have something that we can post once everyday, and it needs to be high quality.


In addition, please include the following:

  • Please provide your strategy / theory for why people will share/spread your articles over other writers that are submitted. What are the extra things that you are going to do with your writing / content production that others are not going to do that will result in developing highly engaged following.  Please provide links to styles that inspire you, shortform, longform, heavy image, etc. etc.  Please demonstrate your knowledge in your ability to get traffic/shares/readership with your articles.
  • Five original headline/article ideas/content ideas that you could see yourself writing/that you think would fit well for Perfect Breakfast.
  • For one of the 5 headlines/articles, please write the first 2 paragraphs and outline the remainder of the article. Include images where necessary.  **Those that include an entire article  are only giving us more insight into your ability and interest in the project.
  • What you would need in terms of support to be extremely successful at growing readership.

**Those that do not include the above 4 items with their application will not be considered**


Please understand there are many applicants but we are looking for one or two standouts for our blog that are really excited about this project and have the talent/skillset to develop it into something really special.  If you are thinking about doing this, please think big! We want to be the most positive and encouraging brand on the internet.  We want to build a business model that allows us to fund this kind of positive content production. And we personally believe anything worth doing is worth doing to the very highest level possible, there is less competition at the very top!

If you are excited about the general direction we are going and you are looking for something to really sink your teeth in and contribute your creative abilities, this could be for you!

If you view our site at, you will see our first product is a sort of refresh on the old Carnation instant breakfast. From there we plan to expand into many other flavors and products. We do have people on the team that have created  $10million+, and an advisor that has built and sold a $500million+ company. So we are looking for great writing talent to help us with the content portion.

We are looking for talented writers that are interested in helping define what the blog will be. We will be hiring several people for a one time job to create one piece of content that we will test in facebook feed. We will invest  to promote the content and get an idea of what type of content works the best. The winner(s) will have the opportunity to define and create the blog.



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