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nameperfection Published: May 26, 2017
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I'm looking for someone who can pitch and propose high quality long term content on branding, naming, startups blogging and entrepreneurship. The content needs to be the type that will get links organically. I'd rather pay 400 for 1 article that's real long form quality than 20 20$ articles that just get lost in the shuffle.

Higher quality articles should involve outreach and research and take 20-30 hours to write. If you can create content that earns 10 high quality organic links a month then that's worth more. I'm open to paying a base per article + a bonus per linked earned from real sites. But needless to say if I need examples of content that's earned more links to pay more.

Additional duties could include ghost guest posting on the site's behalf.

Please respond with examples of content you've done that matches what I'm looking for. Expected rates. Article Length If you do your own outreach to promote your article or if I'd need to arrange for it.

I'm really looking for content that can form the basis for real white hat linkbuilding so if you can help with that then you might be the person I'm looking to work with.

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