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Taciko Published: November 24, 2006
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I am in early formation on the startup of a webapp business. I am seeking a talented writer with experience in small business, especially the marketing and sales process, to take primary responsibility of the company blog.
Responsibilities include: 15-20 monthly blog posts, monitoring and responding to comments, and deleting of offensive comments.

I am building on little more than a shoestring. But I have talented people on the team, and I believe we have an excellent chance to succeed, and possibly succeed big.

If you are interested in business - both online blog/content publishing business and offline small business; especially if you have a background in sales and marketing - get in touch.

Given interest and company growth, potential to transition into other areas of responsibity is a distinct possibility.

In an email, describe your anticipated approach to blogging a startup â?? outlining what you would do, what you would avoid - and why. Also, describe your background, providing links to samples of your writing (or attach files).

Please provide the level of compensation you require. Priority consideration will be given to qualified applicants who are able to defer compensation until post launch.
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