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Spirituality and/or Anti-Government Writer

Breaking Basic Published: September 9, 2019
New York
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Hey there,

My name is Liz and my background is in digital marketing (in the financial services space). I currently own a consulting business and work with brands on how best to monetize their sites, as well as handle all advertiser communication myself.

THAT SAID, I've started my own venture which is It's brand new but oddly already gaining traction in Google. I have all the SEO help, designers, editors, etc. I need but before investing in those services -- I need help writing!!

The theme of the site is to encourage folks to think for themselves. Our food sources are atrocious. Our medical sources are worse. Our financial services fool poor souls every day to wind up in debt and misery for all their lives.

There is a shift happening in our country and people are starting to wake up to not trust the government, media or even our own doctors. We have to think for ourselves.

I have a ton of article ideas, but am always open to suggestions. Each article should be around 1k works. I would publish as many articles as you could write (given they are quality).

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