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Laplaza InvestmentsPty Ltd Published: May 11, 2018
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We are looking for a talented celebrity gossip blogger to join our established entertainment website. You must be a native English speaker/writer with a very excellent command of the language.
Another pre-requisite is the ability to write funny, snarky and witty blog posts so you must naturally have a great sense of humor. It also helps if you really love to bitch about celebs and are passionately interested in the entertainment industry.

You should also be adept at using WordPress. You should know how to upload images, write articles and publish them on your own.

You will be paid $5 per blog post. Each blog post will be 300+ words. The number of blog posts you'll write will depend on your available time, the news cycle and our editorial calendar. This can range from 1 to 7+ blog posts each day.

To apply for this job, you will need to write a sample article - this is mandatory because it allows us to get an idea of your blogging style.

To write this sample article, please take a look at the current celebrity news stories and write an article on any particular story/topic. Make sure that your writing voice is snarky and funny. Include your opinions and make it an engaging piece to read! Please include an attractive article title as well. Word count is 300+ words.

This sample article is for evaluation purposes only. It will not be used commercially nor will it be published anywhere online or offline. Feel free to keep this sample article for your own portfolio or use it in any way you wish.

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