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Skiing/Snowboarding Writers Wanted for Our Blogs

SnowboardHow Published: May 8, 2019
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Hey skiers & snowboarders,

It's just so sad that the 2018-19 snow season is over and we can only read/write or watch snowsports related stuff now.

But, if you have time and you are interested in earning some extra cash by writing articles for our blogs, check this out!

My name is Lorraine, I’m a duel Casi and NZSIA skiing and snowboarding instructor. I am also the co-founder of two blogs. One is related to snowboarding, the other skiing.

I love snowboarding and skiing so much that I treat this as the passion of my life. Basically, I am spending 300 days in the ski resort every year, and that’s why I want to build the best sites so I can provide useful, unbiased tips and guides for snow sports lovers of all ages.

Currently, I am looking for 3 -5 cool and passionate freelance writers to help speed up content creation and here are the simple requirements:

  1. You are passionate and in love with snowboarding or skiing;
  2. Have a certain level of knowledge about skiing or snowboarding (better if you are experienced skier/snowboarders with at least 60+ days riding experience, for sure it would be great if you have any certs or qualification relating to skiing or snowboarding, but don’t worry if you have none)

Here’s how we would work:

  • You will be given a topic list and outlines so you know what and how to write;
  • Base on the topics, write us some cool articles between 1000 - 2000 words, sometimes we may need some longer articles (depending on the nature of the topic).
  • You will be paid on a word-count basis, expect 50 - 100 USD per 1000 words.

How to apply?

If this sounds interesting to you, please send an email to [email protected], with a subject “I love skiing [or snowboarding]” and please answer these questions in your email:

  1. where are you from? Which ski resort you love and why?
  2. is English your mother tongue?
  3. how long have you been snowboarding/skiing?
  4. do you have any snowsports professional qualifications?
  5. have you ever written any articles online?
  6. how many hours per week can you spend on this project?
  7. anything else you wanna ask or share with me?

If I feel you are a good fit, we’ll start with a paid test article. Alright… guess that’s all I can think of til now. Just shoot me an email!

Tips for applying online safely

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