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Lifehack Published: February 3, 2013
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Lifehack ( is a popular productivity and lifehack blog with over 3,000,000 pageviews per month and over 80,000 RSS subscribers per day.
We are looking for someone who is great at finding new, useful tips from around the web that can improve your life (e.g. infographics, hacks, new software, online resources, new gadgets...).

You should write a short introduction to the resource you find detailing what it does and why it's useful in around 100-150 words. We'd like you to provide 2-3 of these short posts per day.

Ideal writers should be active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. We are looking for writers who are willing to build on our platform to connect and grow their audience as they develop their personal and professional brand. Most importantly, their passion must show through.

To re-iterate, this writer needs to be amazing at finding useful tips and hacks from around the web.

Writers are paid at the rate of $5 per short published article.
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