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Shopify Plus Needs Your Help Disrupting Enterprise eCommerce Content

Shopify Plus Published: July 6, 2015
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Let's be real, \"Enterprise eCommerce\" isn't at the top of any \"phrases that get your heart pounding\" lists.
It's too bad really, because we're standing at the very edge of a fundamental shift in the way people shop.

Forrester estimates that by 2017 ecommerce in the U.S. will be a $370 Billion dollar industry - up 60% from 2012 - and will be responsible for 10% of the country's overall sales.

What's even more interesting is that as online shopping has been increasing, foot traffic to physical retail locations has been steadily declining.

On the Shopify Plus blog, we want to explore this shift, and the \"Why\" behind the buying behaviors people take online.

We're not as concerned with \"What\" works, because \"What\" changes over time.

Rather understanding the \"Why\" behind buyer psychology helps us and our customers develop new and exciting methods that set the standard everyone else will follow.

If you're accepted for the position, you'll be writing well-researched, long form articles that give the reader a thorough, well-balanced view of the subject matter.

We're not interested in selling tactics, or idyllic scenarios. We want our reader to make informed, educated decisions based on what you create.

This writing team is lead by Tommy Walker, the former editor of ConversionXL and contributor to publications such Unbounce, MarketingProfs, Hubspot and plenty others in the online marketing space.

Articles are paid, rates are negotiable.

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