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Seeking Senior Blog Editors to Lead Language Learning Company’s Blog Team

FluentU Published: June 8, 2022
Work can be done remotely
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Small Business


Time commitment: minimum 25 hours/week, 30+ preferred)

Are you interested in using SEO and content creation to reach a huge audience?

Love using your brain to untangle unique puzzles and make clever strategy decisions?

Do you dream of occupying a leadership role on a team of top-notch writers and editors?

Join FluentU’s blog team as a senior blog editor!


FluentU is an online education company that helps people learn languages with real-world videos, including movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. We have a popular website, iOS app and Android app. Founded in 2011, we’re a profitable, stable company with long-term focus, and we’re proudly self-funded.

We get millions of visitors per month on our website and have hundreds of thousands of people on our email list. Our goal is to create genuinely helpful content on a massive variety of language learning topics—everything from vocabulary and grammar lessons to fun movies and pop music from around the world.

We’re a 100% distributed/remote team. Here’s a little bit more about how we work:

  • Your workday is flexible—you decide where and when you work (as long as you get everything done on time!)
  • Most of our communication is text-based
  • We believe in continuous improvement and are constantly looking for better ways to get things done: Opinions and input are always welcome and encouraged
  • We offer constructive feedback and opportunities for growth to every team member

As a FluentU senior blog editor, your main responsibilities would be:

1. planning and implementing content strategy 
keyword and content research

  • “triaging” keywords to decide on best strategy to win rankings
  • preparing revamp briefs for editors
  • preparing new blog post briefs for writers
  • approving/rejecting outlines from writers to ensure new blog posts provide the appropriate content to win keywords
  • identifying opportunities to update published blog posts and improve performance

2. completing routine blog editing tasks

  • reviewing and requesting revisions on:
    • writer submissions: new blog post outlines, newly written blog posts
    • editor submissions: completed "revamps" (these are extensive updates to existing posts)
  • editing revamps and new blog posts for quality, accuracy, SEO and adherence to all style and content standards
  • ensuring that all revamps and posts moved forward to publication are free of typos, misspellings, grammatical errors, search intent mismatches, and other issues

3. managing our content pipelines

  • setting performance/production goals with marketing manager and taking the needed steps to achieve them
  • monitoring revamp and new blog post pipelines, identifying and eliminate roadblocks
  • identifying when additional writers or editors are needed to manage workload and achieve performance/production goals

4. managing blog team

  • ensuring the quality and productivity of blog team members
  • assisting in the hiring, onboarding and training of new blog team members

5. managing our documentation/processes

  • creating and maintaining documentation that can be understood easily and implemented effectively by blog team members
  • identifying inefficiencies, roadblocks and quality issues in our processes and innovating solutions
  • constantly identifying ways to improve our documentation and processes

Also, when the need arises, you may also be asked to work on other miscellaneous tasks:

  • personally completing revamps of published blog posts
  • updating our keyword and blog content databases
  • reviewing and analyzing performance data to evaluate content strategy
  • experimenting with new tools, projects and strategies
    collaborating other FluentU teams and channels (product, email marketing, YouTube)
  • assisting with seasonal FluentU product promotions and sales

You might be a great fit for our blog editor role if you:

Enjoy SEO and researching ideas for new blog content. You have at least basic knowledge of SEO and you’re excited to grow your knowledge. You would enjoy having the opportunity to combine data with creative, out-of-the-box thinking to figure out which topics our language learning audience will truly enjoy reading about.

Know what it takes to run a successful blog. You know what top-quality blog content looks like (and what it doesn’t). You know about editorial processes and the behind-the-scenes of getting from briefs and outlines to publication and promotion.

You personally have the writing and editing chops to turn every blog post into a success. You're able to lead by example. You're confident you can explain and demonstrate to blog editors and writers how to craft the best possible content.

(Preferred) Have experience with blog editing. Experience with academic editing, technical content editing, fiction editing, news editing, doesn’t necessarily translate to blog editing. Same goes for editing your own writing work. Please let us know why you have the right experience/skills—or are capable of learning the right skills—to become a blog editor. Ideally you should already have a strong sense of what it takes to run a successful blog and create top-quality blog content.

Can balance quality with productivity. It’s really hard to get a typo, grammar error or inaccurate statement past you. But you don’t waste time or get paralyzed by editorial decisions. You’ll have a lot of content to review, so you’ll need to make quick decisions and work efficiently.

You have a growth mindset. You don’t need to know everything before you start. But you must be unafraid to jump in feet first and figure things out on the fly. You’re excited to learn new things and try your hand at new responsibilities.

Are tech-savvy: Experience with WordPress and Asana would be nice. Neither is required. It’s more important that you’re tech-savvy enough to quickly learn any digital tool that is handed to you.

(Preferred) Are enthusiastic about language learning: You don’t have to be fluent in a foreign language, but we'd be very happy if (a) you have some personal interest in working with a language learning company and/or (b) you’ve consumed enough language blogs, textbooks or courses to know what makes a language lesson effective and enjoyable to read.

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